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9 Places to Visit for a Family Vacation in Kisumu

As a parent it can be hard finding outings and hotels suitable for the whole family. Kisumu has lots to choose from so the next time you’re stuck, you’ll have options. Here are some great places to consider!


1. Dunga Hill Camp

At the shores of Lake Victoria, Dunga is a leisurely destination in Kisumu City. Dunga is perfect for camping, picnic or a lazy afternoon. Go out on the lake with kayaks. Catch the sunset at the lake’s horizon.


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2. Kiboko Bay

Also on the shores of Lake Victoria, Koboko Bay Resort is a jogging distance from the high street, Impala Park and the Dunga Fishing Village. This Bay has been rated consistently as one of the best Kisumu resorts, allowing travelers to embrace the feel of safari adventure in luxury.


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3. Impala Sanctuary

This sanctuary was created to provide a home for the threatened Impalas within Kisumu city and is one of Kenya’s smallest wildlife preserves.  Impala Sanctuary is a holding area for animals that require special protection. The sanctuary is open year round.


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©Kenya Wildlife Service


4. Bike rides to tour the city

Bike Adventures provides bicycles to tour the city. For only 300 bob for a whole day, you can tour the city. There is also the option to tour the city on a tuk-tuk or bodaboda for a slightly higher cost.


©African Spice Safaris


5. The Kisumu Museum

Learn the history of this side of Kenya at the Kisumu Museum. This is a small but comprehensive gallery with displays of material culture of the peoples of the Western Rift Valley and Nyanza Province. Kisumu Museum contains live animals, numerous aquaria, outdoor exhibits and a snake park.


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6. Hippo Point

Enjoy all 600 acres of Hippo Point viewing area on Lake Victoria. Don’t count on seeing too many hippos, this viewing area is better known for viewing unobstructed sunsets. Near the village of Dunga, Hippo Point also has a fishing port and camping site. Boat rides are also available.


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©Kenya’s Tourism and Holiday Resource Centre


7. Kit Mikayi

This tall arrangement of impressive stone stands tall above the surrounding rocks in Kangeso village. It is said that Kit Miyaki poses like a woman with a load on her back. You are able to climb the rocks to observe the span of Lake Victoria, Kisumu City and the Kisumu International Airport.


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8. Planet Media and Starflix Cinemas

For movie fans and those who want to remain indoors, this is a good place to be. The cinemas offer both releases from Hollywood and Bollywood. Both cinemas are located at the Mega City Mall.


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© iko


9. Flea Market

Two major flea markets are within Kisumu, Kibuye and Oile Markets. Kibuye is made to be one of the biggest markets in East Africa and is more popular on Sundays. This is the best market to get cheap second hand clothing and green groceries.

Oile is always open during the week and is also a great destination for grocery shopping.Image result for flea market kisumu

©kisumu dala events


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