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The 5 Types of People You’re Bound to Meet on Halloween

Just as you’re destined to meet a wide variety of people in your everyday life, Halloween is no different, though those you meet will more than likely make it on this list.

1. The “Couldn’t Care Less”



Not everyone can have the energy to put stunning detail work into their costume. After all, if it wasn’t for the “dressed down” party goers, who would make those who dress up stand out? This person will likely show up in a T-shirt and jeans. Will the T-shirt have a relevant character or symbol that could be mistaken for a costume? Maybe, but we doubt it. They may toss on a pair of animal ears but that’s pushing it.


2. The Obvious Couple

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There’s no missing it – these two came here together and want to be seen. They match in everyday life so why would you expect anything less form their costume? The cat & dog, the ketchup & mustard, the fork & knife. Any combination costume they’ve thought about or will think about next Halloween. Even though their matching is painfully obvious, they’re cute (maybe a little nauseating), but cute.


3. The Hardcore Halloween Fan

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Halloween is the celebration of life and death, you just wish they’d focus a little less on the death part. This party-goer does it big with the special effects. They’ve got scarily realistic artificial wounds and fake blood everywhere. They take this holiday seriously and won’t let you forget it.


4. The “Joke’s On Me” Partygoer

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This party-goer sees you laughing at their silly costume and is probably laughing with you. They deserve some credit for walking out of the house dressed as a giant taco.


5. The “Is Christmas Here Yet?”

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This party-goer likely isn’t even at the party because they’re too busy at home preparing for December. To them, no holiday compares to Christmas. You may know it as Halloween, but to them everything else is just “Pre-Christmas”.


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