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8 Myths Nutritionists Want You to Stop Believing

When trying to eat healthy, it can drive you crazy listening to all of the nutritional information people swear by. Are fats actually bad for you? According to consultation with numerous nutritionists, here are myths you can debunk today and get back on track to leading a healthy lifestyle.

1. One Diet Type Outweighs the Others

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Each body is different and has needs that have to be met. You can’t judge your success with one eating regimen in comparison to someone else.


2. Eggs Are Bad for You

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Eggs are actually packed with nutrients – six grams of protein and five grams of fat to be specific. This combination helps you feel more satisfied after consumption. Eating the yolk is beneficial as well, full of essential fatty acids like DHA which supports a healthy brain!


3. You Should Eat Several Mini Meals Daily


Nutritionists actually advise to eat a few main meals daily with one or two snacks. Eating small amounts constantly through the day can be unsatisfying and it’s easy to consume too many calories.


4. A Low or No Carb Diet is Good for You

The brain needs carbohydrates to function, but that doesn’t mean to overload on the “good stuff”. Get your carbs in with veggies, fruits and whole grains. It is important to have carbs but more important where your carbs come from.


5. You’ll Gain Weight If You Eat After 6PM

Eat as late as you want, as long as you are being conscious of what you’re eating. Weight gain comes from eating more calories than your body needs. Eating late out of hunger can lead to overeating. Be conscious of input vs output – your daily consumed calories should be equivalent to the amount you burned.


6. Frozen Produce is Less Nutritious Than Fresh Produce

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In most cases, produce is flash-frozen within hours of picking, retaining a majority of nutrients. Keep a stash of frozen produce when in a rush, because if you can’t get your hands on fresh produce, it’s just as good for you.


7. Count Calories to Lose Weight

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100 calories of fries is not equivalent to 100 calories of brown rice. Focus should be on where these calories are coming from, not just their number. Consume essential vitamins and minerals and you’ll remain on the right track.


8. Consuming Fat Will Make You Fat

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The kind of fat you consume makes a huge difference. Healthy fats like the ones you get from avocados promote cardiovascular health, i.e. monounsaturated and essential fatty acids.


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