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2019 Fitness Resolutions to Fuel Your Body and Mind

Beginning an active and healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. While telling yourself that you’ll run five Km everyday sounds appealing, huge leaps aren’t always very attainable. 2019 isn’t necessarily about drastic changes, but habitual changes that will allow personal growth. Here are some great places to start as you try to lead a healthier life in 2019.


Start Meditating

Get your mental practice right in preparation for physical practice. Meditation allows your body to speak and your mind to listen. Sessions of meditation can last minutes to an hour and come in many different forms. You can meditate seated on a mat or even outdoors during a quiet nature walk.



Start a Fitness Challenge

Grab a friend and attempt a fitness challenge, which can vary in length and difficulty as long as you stay within your abilities. Target trouble spots on your body, remembering to switch pace every now and then.

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Get Out

Get out into nature for your workout. Great weather can be a great incentive to get some fresh air and keep yourself engaged as opposed to the dull weight room at your local gym.

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Switch it Up

Keep things interesting and try fun new workouts like bikram yoga or Tae Bo. Research fun classes in your area to meet new fitness friends or switch up your workout at home.

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Drink More Water

Water is known to aid the skin, hydrate and even aid in weight loss. Drink water like it’s going out of style. Grab the biggest bottle you can find and fill it to the brim.


Home is Your Personal Gym

Gym memberships will come and go but you should always have a place you’re comfortable getting down into a plank position. Have an old office that’s collecting dust? Grab a yoga mat and do some sit ups or stretches each day. You’ll soon find that there aren’t many excuses to justify not breaking a sweat everyday.

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Fruit is Your Friend

Toss the saturated fat and refined sugar out the window. Fresh fruit is accessible, delicious and your best friend in efforts to become healthier. Make  eating better a habit and you’ll soon find the junk you were eating before didn’t taste all that great.



Walk it Out

The next time you press the button for the elevator, consider taking the stairs instead. Bored? Go outside and explore new territory. It’s okay if you’re not a runner. Taking time to walk daily can help you lose those pesky few pounds.

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Hold Yourself Accountable

Set goals and keep them. Your headache or sore left toe might sound like a good excuse to skip the gym and sit in with your favorite program, but you’ll kick yourself a month later when you wonder why your fitness hasn’t improved. Set a routine for yourself and mix it up to avoid getting bored. Once you make improvements, you’ll be proud of yourself and get inspired to do even more.


Get Up with the Sun

Maybe not actually, but roll out of bed just a bit earlier than normal. It might feel great to keep hitting snooze until the absolute last minute but you’d be surprised what you can get done in the early hours of the morning. Sneak in a quick workout or finish the presentation you put off the previous evening. Give yourself a boost of energy while you do it!

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