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How To Manage a Fever at Home For Adults

A fever is the body’s way of communicating that you could have an infection, and thus you need to monitor your temperatures, to help you guide your next cause of action. While a normal body temperature is 37 °C a fever is anything 38 °C or higher. 


For adults, OTC (over the counter) drugs such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help bring the fever down. Ibuprofen should not be administered to people with asthma as it can trigger an attack. In addition, people who have gastritis and gastrointestinal problems should avoid drugs with aspirin so as to not trigger a reaction. 

Take a Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath will help cool the body and relax your muscles. Avoid taking cold baths as they will result in higher temperatures as the body tries to warm itself again. 


Take A Lot Of Fluids

Drinking a lot of water, soups, herbal teas will help you avoid dehydration. In addition, herbal teas with gingers and lemons open up the pores, increases sweating which helps to move the fever towards its end.

Dress Lightly

Fevers can cause shivering and rapid body changes where one feels hot in one minute and cold in the next minute. To help moderate this, dress lightly and cover yourself with a light shawl. 


To help the body heal and recover, rest. Should you decide to let the fever run its course instead of taking over the counter drugs, make sure you take a lot of fluids and a warm bath to hasten the process.


Call the doctor if your fever is accompanied by pain in the neck, light sensitivity, headaches, shortness of breath and other symptoms. If your child is running a fever, here is a digital thermometer to help you track their temperature, as well as tips to help you manage a child’s fever.

This article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for a Doctor’s advice. Consult a doctor before making any medical decision.

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