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Genius Parenting Hacks to Easily Manage Screen time

Parenting is quite the roller coaster ride. No one or anything really prepares you for it so you simply learn on the job.The holidays are over and with schools being back in session, it’s time to get creative to ensure the little ones do their homework and chores around the house, especially on weekends.

When it comes to getting the kids to do chores around the house, things tend to go south pretty fast. Majority of the time, the scenario with my 12 year old daughter is made up of:


Me: Camille! Why is the living room still dirty? Didn’t you promise to clean up after you finished having your breakfast? (remnants of her breakfast plus dirty dishes are all over the carpet)

My daughter: Oops! *She gives her best puppy dog eye impression to get me to soften up* Not this time baby girl.

Me: No TV for you if you don’t clean this mess. * I wave my slipper just so she knows I mean business*


This is one of the “simple” scenarios with my daughter. She can be quite the handful when she wants to be.

Let’s face it, nowadays, kids have a different upbringing from what we had growing up. Hence the struggle to get them more active by playing outside rather than nursing an X-box or PlayStation game control for hours on end. Why can’t they just love the outdoors more than TV? Denying them screen time or the WIFI password is like the ultimate betrayal (cue my daughter’s adorable pout).

However, it is important to get kids on a schedule that involves a balance between screen time, learning a new skill, helping around the house or enjoying the outdoors more.

I recently came across an article with tips on how to get your kids to do chores around the house while also instilling the reward/ value system that I’d like to share with you.


Another option of getting them to help out is by coming up with an effective check-list depending on the age of your little ones.

Have you:

  1. Brushed your teeth,
  2. Made your bed,
  3. Gotten dressed,
  4. Tidied up your room,
  5. Had breakfast,
  6. Cleaned the dishes,
  7. Helped with the house chores,
  8. Started working on your holiday assignment or read a book?


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