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6 Adventures for a Superb Romantic Getaway

Tell you from experience, nothing brings in the Zen on a romantic date, than a natural encounter with virgin, unadulterated nature.

You can opt to catch the shadows and secrets of a setting sun.  Dine in the bush as you listen to the grazers galloping around and squirrels dancing in the dark. Lie back and make patterns like the Southern Cross, or sail away to serenity. But nothing can put down an adrenaline laden pair up a rocky mountain, or one trying to find their way along a deserted path. It calls for a great balance between the genders. His aggressiveness; her patience, his mechanical ability; her innovative spirit.

Jovago.com, Africa’s leading online hotel booking platform has listed a couple of  activities. This can bring in balanced exploration and great adventure to any romantic  couple looking for fun and teamwork. If you are in Kenya, then these ideas will be great for the upcoming Madaraka celebration.

1. Water rafting in Sagana

rapids-camp sagana

Dining by open fires or under the moon is quite romantic.  But nothing is more telling of your date than how they handle seemingly furious waters and raging waves throughout this duel. This, for first timers will give you a very good prognosis on how she handles stress and how he handles ‘tough decisions’. Above that, it’ll be the perfect timing to show off that lean muscle you’ve been working at. Rapids Camp also has other amenities such as bungee jumping, all made to give you and yours a kick up the skies (literally).

2. Scuba Diving at Mombasa Marine Park

Maybe you are tired of sunbathing, or you are suddenly getting used to the sand getting caught up between your toes. There is much more to do in Mombasa beyond the beach and the clubs. Mombasa Marine Park is ideal for exploring marine life, take it further; leap into the waters and splash your way to the reefs and the white sharks. Beyond the magic of coupling up under the seas. It’s perfect time to get your postcard shots of rare green and hawksbill turtles, spotted eagle ray and shoals of snappers on your Gopro.

scuba diving in marine park

3. Paragliding at Kerio Valley

If you enjoy extreme sports, then you’ll love Kerio Valley for paragliding for its clear blue skies and magnificent scenery. As I just pointed out, this is an extreme sport; take time to get a grasp of the trainer’s tips and advice. Before you both launch into the air – each of you will be accompanied by a trainer. You can spice up things by leaving messages at the point of landing or even organizing surprise romantic celebrations for the miles just accomplished! Note, such ideas do not necessarily have to be tied to proposals and anniversaries.

Kerio-Paragliding-Romantic getaway

4. Skydiving in Diani

Skydiving perhaps gives you the rare opportunity to literally jump off a plane or throw someone out! Again, an extreme sport, but one that secures you to the abilities of your instructor as you free fall through the sky to the all-beach set up. Companies such as Skydivediani go the extra mile to provide for videography at an extra fee. Meaning you can watch, share and re-live the emotion forever after.

SkydiveDiani(Romantic getaway)

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5. Rock climbing at Diamond Plaza

If you just want a quick within-town experience, Diamond Plaza in Parklands will make you an adventurous afternoon. The indoor climbing is run by Blue sky Kenya who also organize other outdoor climbing sessions and classes in favorable destinations across the country such as Hell’s Gate.

romantic getaway(Rock climbing)

6. Hot air ballooning at The Amboseli.

An air balloon safari in Amboseli is touted as one of the best in the continent. Mostly, the safari will kick off early morning, to catch the sun’s first rays just as they emerge behind the massive, snow-capped Kilimanjaro. Once in a while, the pilot is likely to go down few meters over grazing herds of elephants, or if lucky, a park of lions retracing back into their territories after a night out preying in the jungle.

Amboseli-hot air balloon(Romantic getaway)

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