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#LadiesEdition : The Koroga Festival

Yesterday, The Koroga Festival was definitely the place to be. If you love good music, good food, good ambience and a great social environment, you needed to be at the Nairobi Arboretum Park and we were.

The Koroga Festival Set Up

Great Set Up

The 16th edition of The Koroga Festival, a special edition for the ladies, was definitely a must-attend event for the lovers of social events in Nairobi. The artist line-up was attractive with South African singer Lira, as the head liner of the event. Other amazing female singers were Kenya’s own Nyota Ndogo and Tanzania’s own Lady Jaydee who did not disappoint on stage. The atmosphere was electric with music playing all around the park. Families set up in the huge tent that was decorated for comfort and enjoyment. A play ground bursting with excited shrieks from kids and vendor stand that had delicious food, beautiful wares and friendly staff was just a tip of the iceberg.Koroga Festival

Filled with vendor stands for food, drink and local merchandise, The Koroga Festival has a little something for every one. The event began with Maqbul kicking off by welcoming all guests and especially the women.

We even came across some of the MumsVillage partners, Peperuka World and Funkidz.

Once the performances begun, it was hard to contain the excitement in the crowd. Regardless of age or gender, we were all on our feet, grooving to the beat. When Nyota Ndogo hit the stage, people were ready to sing along. Especially when she did a reggae version of the hit song, Nataka Toa by Necessary Noize ft. Nyota Ndogo you would not know what hit you.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo doing her thing

Mercy Masika made a surprise appearance in between performances and it was electric. She gave a powerful vocal performance which left her fans wanting more.

In line with the list of ladies on the line up, Lady Jaydee also took the stage, in her blazing red outfit, singing a number of her hit songs. With such a beautiful voice, we were singing along to the hits we know by heart including a live performance of NdiNdiNdi.

Lady Jaydee

Tanzanian Singer, Lady Jaydee

There were amazing performances in between the different musicians and musical acts but little did we know that we were not ready for what Lira would give us in her performance. She was amazing! Such a great entertainer, musical, vocalist and dancer. Her performance was powerful and her band did not disappoint. When she sung the “Moana” theme song for the young revellers, our heart strings couldn’t handle it. Such a beautiful song, great talent and great messages in each song she sung.


Lira, singing her best hits

But The Koroga Festival wouldn’t be complete without beautiful fashion which we spotted in mummy and me outfits.


The fashion sense in these families was beautiful.


All in all, this is definitely an event we recommend for people to attend. The security is tight, ample parking for cars, delicious local food on offer, great social environment to meet and make friends in, great family setting with a playground and to top it all off, excellent entertainment from artists and Dj’s. We could not have picked a better way of spending a Sunday afternoon.

To find out what’s happened in the past and what will come up next, visit and like The Koroga Festival  Facebook Page.

©Bernice Thuo