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It’s Official, Your baby and Germs are in a Relationship

Germs are every mother’s nightmare. Unfortunately, like air, Germs are everywhere. Findings show that on average you come in contact with about 60,000 types of germs on a daily basis.

Because of the short distance between them and the ground, Babies and toddlers carry, transfer and pick-up more germs and bacteria than grown-ups.

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When travelling it starts right from the car in the baby seat which reportedly has twice as many dangerous germs as the average toilet. To stop a potential tantrum, you distract them with your phone with a rubbery edge, which quickly ends up in the mouth.

Fun fact: each square inch of your cell phone contains roughly 25,000 germs, making it one of the filthiest things you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Then you get to the mall to pick up some refreshments or use the ATM. Your little person of course has since touched or worse tried to lick the escalator rails and insisted on being hoisted up to touch elevator buttons.

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As you prepare to leave you get the ‘susu’ (need to pee) call and you make your way to the public restroom. If you are lucky you probably had your J&J baby wipes with you and you clean the seat before your toddler touches it. Their alcohol-based hand sanitizer is also a great idea to avoid touching restroom taps.

On your way out, you bump into an old friend who hasn’t seen you since your toddler was an infant. “She’s so cute,” she coos as she moves to pinch your baby’s cheeks. No one knows where those hands have been. Then through the day whether you’ll at the beach or upcountry, it’s inevitable that your little person will play outside with other kids.

Toddlers pick-up more germs and bacteria than grown-ups

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In their bid to ‘Share and Care’ like you taught them, they will happily share their sippy cups or spoons with their new found friends. Not to mention wiping their snort using their hands, picking their noses and biting their nails. By the time to get home or back to your hotel room, bath time is mandatory. Considering the day your little person has had, you’ll probably do a full body wash.

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J&J has a number of bath products that like Sleepy Time and The Goodnight Kisses baby gifts that come with baby shampoo calming lavender, a baby lotion and a baby bath. Used together, they make for the perfect combination in helping keep your baby protect, relaxed and able to get to sleep. And we all know, If baby sleeps better, you can too. Try It!