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Introduction To Nestlé Wellness Week



Did you know that Nestlé is hosting Wellness Week and that you should be a part

of it?

Here’s why:

Nestlé has made a conscious effort to ensure families get all the information they need in order for them to lead active and healthy lifestyles. The Wellness Week was created with this in mind. In recognition of the significance of physical activities and a balanced diet to the overall wellness of a person, Nestlé Wellness Week is geared towards ensuring that information surrounding these two aspects is easily accessible to the consumer and that you as the consumer are in complete control of your health.

Eunice Nthenya - Nestlé Wellness Week

Throughout the week, Nestlé has been sharing ideas, expert advice and general information on how you can lead a healthier lifestyle. In addition to this, Nestlé also shares information on their products and how you can include them as part of your daily healthy living routine.


The company has made a worldwide commitment to embark more into nutrition research, creating awareness and educating the public on the significance of healthy living and how to make use of the wide variety of the nutritious Nestlé product selection, to make good living possible for you and your family. The company has done all this while maintaining the same great quality and freshness of all their products.

Shiv Simani - Nestlé Wellness Week

As we celebrate the Nestlé Wellness Week, learn how to stay physically fit, how to ensure that your healthy meals aren’t boring and so much more by following the Nestlé Facebook Page.


You can also join the Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé Panel Discussion which will be broadcast live from the Nestlé Facebook Page on Saturday, 9th October, 2021, between 10.30 am – 11.30 am. As part of the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, fitness and active healthy living from various health and lifestyle experts. The host for this session will be Terryanne Chebet, with fitness expert – Shiv Simani, healthy living expert – My Planted Kitchen and nutrition expert – Eunice Nthenya. Don’t miss out! 


To save your seat, RSVP to the event by clicking here.