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We’re Honoured : Award Winning Best Use of Video!

We pride ourselves for starting the first digital talk show and are delighted to announce that we won the “BEST USE OF VIDEO” award at the first edition of Digital Media Awards in Nairobi on Friday 15th June 2018.

The Awards aimed at recognizing excellence by Brands, Agencies, Techies and Individual doing remarkable work in the digital space. This work was particularly around digital content creation, digital campaign management, digital publishing, App development and use of new media in digital campaigns.


This award is a recognition of the tremendous effort made by MumsVillage team and What’s Good Studios in delivering the first season of the MumsVillageShow. Throughout the season, we  featured evergreen topics that ranged from deep stories on parenting and health to light-hearted conversations on fashion and beauty.

We’d like to thank our 2 amazing hosts – CEO Isis Nyong’o-Madison and Janet Mbugua-Ndichu for keeping us engaged and entertained throughout the 10 episodes.

We’d also like to recognize the guests who appeared in the show to share their stories and experiences:

  • Episode 1 : Tatiana Karanja(Photographer) and Evalyne Kaira(Village Mum)
  • Episode 2:  Sally Mahihu (Seasoned Woman )
  • Episode 3:  Sigrid Mboya(teacher) and Carolyne Destiny(Homeschool mum)
  • Episode 4:  Sage (Singer) and Samoina Wangui(PPD Blogger)
  • Episode 5:  Wariko Waito (Farmer) and Eve Ngenga (Village Market)
  • Episode 6:  Lavinia Ogolla(Village Mum), Ruth Mbala(Village Mum)  and Dr. Carol Chakua (psychologist)
  • Episode 7:  Lynda Nyangweso(radio presenter) and Habida(actress)
  • Episode 8:  Wendy Malinda(LivinginStepAfrica)  and Zena Nzibo(Blended Family)
  • Episode 9: Naomi Konditi (Mall for Africa-Country Manager) and Thitu Kariba (Founder of Fitness for two)
  • Episode 10: Pinky Ghelani(Media personality)  and Suzi Wokabi(Suzie Beauty)



And, very importantly, we appreciate our MumsVillage community whose continued support makes the mission and work of MumsVillage possible.


This is the beginning of an exciting  journey because you will be seeing more of us. Season 2 is coming soon!