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5 Best Ways To Use Margarine in Your Recipes

Best ways to use margarine in your recipes

Having been in existence for centuries, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of margarine is bread. Margarine actually does make bread tastier and healthier but mum’s all over the world also use it in their daily recipes to add flavour and seasoning to their meals.

Other than taste, it is also important to consider margarine’s nutritional value. Vitamins such as A, D and E, essential fats and Omega 3 and 6 are also some of the key ingredients to take note. For these reasons, nothing should keep you from adding a little margarine in your food today.  Here are some of the great ideas and tips on how to use it in your recipes.

  1. Snacks

Everyone likes baked snacks such as cookies, biscuits especially during the holiday season. For best results, use the hard type of margarine as the soft one will leave the cookies thin and lifeless. Including a bit of margarine in your biscuit and cookies will make them crispier and tastier. It takes a shorter time to melt as compared to butter, something that one ought to remember when baking.

2. Fish

There are so many ways of making your fish. If you choose to bake it, margarine comes in handy when seasoning fish. If you sautée instead of backing and boiling, ensure that the heat is regulated as too much will burn and you will lose your flavor.

3. Pancakes

Children love pancakes especially for breakfast so why not make them tastier this time round? Use melted margarine to make your pancakes and you can mix it up with milk. It makes a good substitute for butter and you will realize that with the difference in taste.

4. Pasta and tomato sauce

When making your tomato sauce using margarine, have it melt on the pan before adding your onions. Stirring makes the onions turn soft after which you can add the rest of the ingredients. Pasta goes really well with this paste and it only needs just a little.

5. Ugali and shredded cabbage

Margarine makes ugali more delicious, something you will have no doubt about when you taste it. For best results, add it once the water boils, stir it then pour in the flour. Stir up garlic and some margarine in the pan before adding your shredded cabbage which goes really well with ugali and beef stew.


Continue exploring different recipes or even take up a cooking course. Keep in mind that margarines are different.

Finally, take note of the brand you intend to purchase. Some of the brands will have no trans fats and the taste will not disappoint you.

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