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Back to School With Blue Band Snacks

The kids just got back to school and we are looking forward to having them come home tired and hungry every afternoon. It’s tempting to give them junk food as they wait for dinner but that would be unhealthy and expensive.

This year, make after-school snacks healthy and fun while growing great kids with blue band margarine. Here are some of the ideas for home made, nutritious snacks that will keep our kids full in time for dinner.

  1. Egg Sandwich

Add some excitement to your usual sandwich with this ten minute snack. First, you need to have your pan greased with margarine and ready for cooking. Create a hole on your slice of bread, put it in the pan then pour an egg into the hole. Let it cook to your liking before adding another slice of bread. Simple


  1. Burger Bun sandwich

Alternatively, Instead of the usual bread sandwich, try a burger bun this year. It’s definitely tastier and looks much more interesting than the normal boring bread. You can also add in some eggs, tuna, lettuce, a sausage or sprinkle some sesame seeds to make it sweeter and of course spread some margarine to make it healthier.

Pretty girl eating burger

  1. Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, especially kids. They are so easy to make and fun for the kids to have as they do their homework. You will need a stick of blue band to make this. Here is a simple cookie recipe.

easy chocolate chip cookies

  1. Homemade biscuits

Instead of buying biscuits, make them at home this time round. This will give you a chance to make them healthier, fluffier and of course sweeter. Add margarine to your mixture of dry ingredients. For 8-16 servings, you will only need about 6 tablespoons of margarine. Here is a recipe to help you out.

boy infront of cookies and apple

  1. Pancakes

Other than being a healthy family snack, pancakes will in addition keep your kids full for longer. Two tablespoons of margarine will be enough to make it tastier. Remember to spice up them with chocolate and pudding sauce.

Using margarine in snacks boosts the development of your child including brain development. This means that you don’t have to worry about the kids struggling with their homework.

why you must read to your child Kenya

  • Did you know? The Omega 3 and 6 content in Blue band is equivalent to having 3 glasses of milk or a quarter kilo of salmon.

It is vital to get children used to healthy snacks to encourage them to adopt good eating patterns right from an early age. Margarine comes in handy as it contains vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, D, E) which your kids need for stronger bones and teeth, good vision, and energy.