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How to get the Best Bike for your Child this Holiday

Growing up, cycling was one of the fun activities I engaged in either during the holidays and/or weekends. Bike riding was purely for the fun though lately, most households engage in it for both the excitement and for exercise purposes.

Here are a few things I discovered when I took a tour of the market to find out more about bikes.


Nairobi Sports House is a renowned retail and wholesale dealer in sporting equipment and sportswear.  It has branches located conveniently within most neighborhoods; I visited the CBD branch located along Moi Avenue.

  1. Joerex Bicycle Mountain 21 Speed COJM SO916

It is suitable for adults and kids above the age of 10 years.

Price Estimate: Kshs. 36,000

Advantages: Adjustable shock absorbers; High speed; Instant and reliable braking system; Adjustable seat and long lasting compared to other bicycle models.

2. Hello Kitty ( AHFG33136) – Mesuca

Age: 5+

Price Estimate: Kshs. 9500

3.  Hello Kitty (AHFG33134)- Mesuca

Age: 2+

Price Estimate: Kshs. 8500



This is an outlet of the Tuskys chain store located in a one-stop shopping mall on the junction of Lang’ata Road and Mai Mahiu Road.

Estimated Price Range:

  • 2-5 years Kshs. 6400-11000
  • 5-9 years Kshs. 8400-12000
  • 9 years and above Kshs. 12000-14000

1.MTB Brook/Swing 12” #1209

Suitable age: 2-5 years

Price Estimate: Kshs. 7400

2. MTB Brook/Swing 20” #2012

Suitable age: 5-9 years

Price Estimate: Kshs. 9635

3. MTB Cross Brand 26” #MTB003C

Suitable age: Adults and kids above 10 years.

Price Estimate: Kshs. 13,645


The outlet is conveniently located along Ngong’ Road.

Estimated Price range:

  • 2-5 years Kshs. 3000-5000
  • 5-9 years Kshs. 7000-14000
  • 9 years and above Kshs. 18000-60000

1.Raleigh Lil Honey 12 Bike #RC1- Suitable age: 2-5 years

2. Raleigh Roost 14 Bike #RC115- Suitable age: 5-9 years

3. Phillips Beta MTB KYO1401- Suitable age: Adults and kids above 10 years

4. Raleigh Phat MTB 21 #RC748/6/73- Suitable age: Adults and kids above 10 years



It is advisable for kids to use protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, bike riding glasses, reflector jackets and gloves when engaging in bicycle riding. Also ensure they have appropriate clothing and footwear, preferably light shoes with a firm rubber grip.

Given the recent rampant sensitization on health and fitness, most Kenyans especially those at the middle class level have resorted to habits that improve their wellness. From my survey, it was clear that there has been a change in the buying trends of bicycles especially by the adults. Another fact that was evident was that most of the potential customers come to purchase or make inquiries on a preexisting mindset and not on impulse as was the case earlier.

Most parents tend to buy bicycles during the holiday period so as to keep their children occupied and during the festive season as gifts. Put a smile on your child’s face with this amazing gift and create those unforgettable memories of their childhood.