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The Future of Education – Webinar Highlights

The future of education webinar was held on March 26th, courtesy of WomenWork in collaboration with MumsVillage,  Metis, WomenWork and Textbook Centre. The webinar sought to empower parents, educators and innovators with tips on how to define learning from home and navigate the new challenges.


Here are some of the important issues that were discussed:

  • Tools and tips for learning at home.
  • How to incorporate entertainment and play into learning.
  • Creating learning opportunities from your daily schedule for your children.
  • How to turn this new reality into a leadership opportunity for parents, children and teachers.
  • Working with a child’s attention span and choosing activities that are in line with their attention span.
  • How to support the student’s mental health and motivate them to continue learning.
  • How parents can make learning from home possible for kids.


All attendees derived a lot of information and resources to equip them with home learning and for later use. For example, ubongo kids and akiliandme have great resources on home learning which include weekly timetables to help you plan your time and access online content that promote active learning.


In addition to this, we have put together an educator and parent resource hub to equip any parent or educator with home learning information. The Webinar was very resourceful to parents and teachers alike and the positive feedback from participants reiterated the importance of having these continuous conversations. 


Here’s what the participants had to say: 

“Congrats for a beautiful session yesterday. Cannot wait to access the slides. I feel like I need to share with my local women in swahili some of these tips. Parents are clueless apart from few in high-end schools” 


“That was amazing!!! Hope you will organize another one like soon!!” 

Click here to watch the webinar and tell us what new tips you picked up from it. Don’t forget to share with us what your family is doing at home for the #learninginthetimeofcorona and what’s been working for you.


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