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Find A Pro With Lynk Services

Lynk is a service platform that connects users with reliable & vetted domestic workers, fundis and blue-collar professionals. From nannies to furniture makers and beauticians, we know that for mums, letting anyone into your house can be scary, and that quality is everything. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Lynk to increase mums’ and pregnant women’s access to the best Pros in Nairobi!


What mums are saying about Lynk on social media:

“Needed a cleaning lady today. Couldn’t find any available referrals. Then happened and I got a lovely lady exactly within my budget, vetted and screened within an hour of request. Yes! Just yes!” – A


“Cannot be happier with the service I received from Lynk and their fundi on Monday. They responded quickly, and I had a new lock on my door within a few hours of my request. The fundi was was super professional, efficient, friendly and hard working. Highly recommend using Lynk for fundi needs” – K


“Joy to find, they had someone to me in no time who was extremely professional, fixed something that other fundis said could not be fixed, and for a very reasonable price. Hooray for an honest to goodness repair company; – K


Just the best:

Lynk spends loads of time finding and testing quality Pros for its platform, so you don’t have to:

  • Sourcing: Lynk scours the country to find the best Pros, through partnerships with the best training institutes and professional associations, recommendations, and beyond.
  • Testing: every Pro is tested for their technical skills, their customer service, and their capacity to manage jobs
  • Reference checking: we conduct reference checks for all fulltime matches.

Each Pro has their own profile, so you can see their specific vetted skills, read reviews, and learn more about them.


How Lynk works:

Just make a request, and Lynk will get back to you within 24 hours with up to 3 quotes from different vetted Pros. Compare prices, read reviews of the Pros, look at pictures of previous work, and book your favourite option. Lynk will then manage the job to ensure you end happy and deal with all payments – no awkward negotiations!


Lynk’s services

Lynk works in over 70 different categories, from hairdressers to plumbers. At MumsVillage, we’ve worked with Lynk to curate a set of services which are of particular interest to Mums:

Find a Pro: make a request in some of the most relevant services for mums and pregnant women

Nanncy Central: request a nanny, or recommend a nanny to get connected to jobs through Lynk


How pricing works

Lynk as standard charges 10% commission on the cost of the Lynk Pro’s work, including guaranteeing that you are left happy – if you’re not satisfied with the first Pro, they’ll get someone else to finish the job! Clear, transparent, lovely! For nannies and full time housekeepers, Lynk supports the match for the first three months to make sure that the fit is right – including switching nannies free of cost if you’re unsatisfied – charging just 10% of salary for each month.


Want to know more

You can check out Lynk on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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  1. Lilian_Kiburu says:

    i would like to find a live-in housekeeper (45 – 55 years)


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