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Episode 1 : Feminine Tricks to Personal Success

One of the greatest advantages to being a woman in business is INTUITION.

With intuition, you can discern when to say yes or no to a deal, when to work with someone or not, when to sell your product or wait for the price to go up, when to expand your business or wait—the list is endless! For a woman in business, intuition is your best friend.

This is especially true when you are actively selling your product. You may meet someone who does not seem like an ideal client, but you like the feel of them, so you share what you offer and discover they can introduce you to someone who is your ideal client.

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By the same token, you may meet someone who seems like the ideal client, yet you sense something is off. It is so important to trust this knowing. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it or rationalize why you should proceed despite it—but when you do, it never ends well. That person will turn out to be your biggest trial—the client who pushes you, yet never delivers what you need on time; the one who talks badly about you to others; the one who wants you available 24/7; worst of all—the one who doesn’t pay. Do yourself a favor and trust your intuition before you end up stuck in a dead-end deal that is more trouble than it’s worth.

Although “women’s intuition” is a common concept, few women rely on their intuition as the excellent guide it is. But listening to your intuition is a natural skill you can easily develop with a bit of practice—and once you do, it will transform the way you do business.

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Here are a couple simple ways to develop your intuition:

Imagine you are doing something you really love. Close your eyes and pay attention to how your body feels when you are doing this thing—are your shoulders tense, or relaxed? What about your back? Your belly? How does your body feel?

Now imagine you are doing something you really hate or that frightens you. How does your body feel now? Does your stomach hurt? Do you feel tense? Where is there discomfort?

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Once you tune in to how your body feels when you are happy and relaxed, and how it feels when you are anxious or upset, you will learn to recognize the sensations as guidance. Then, when you need to make a business decision, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the different options—which one feels good in your body, and which one feels bad?

Another simple practice to activate your intuition is to make sure you spend some quiet time alone every day.

This could be when you are walking somewhere, or preparing food, or just sitting quietly with no noises or distractions. When you quiet your mind like this, you are more likely to receive intuitive guidance and to recognize it when it comes. Those sudden knowings will become more common.

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If these tools seem simple—it’s because they are. We are intuitive beings, and it’s easy to reconnect with that internal GPS to guide us in making day-to-day decisions. Just be committed to acting on the guidance you receive, even if it feels silly. Intuition is so simple, it can feel like you can’t take it seriously—but if you act on it, you’ll be surprised at the powerful results you generate in your life.

To be continued…