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Father’s Day Video: Dads are Different

When I was younger, whenever I wanted something I would always ask my Dad. I asked him instead of my Mum because he would always (well almost always) say yes. There was once I asked for a plane and he promised he would get me one. It’s been over 20 years and my sisters still tease me about it. Just to make it clear, I did NOT get a plane.



Dads will always be different. They play a little rougher, they will probably not feed the kids a balanced diet because it’s easier to buy fries and they will forget to pack extra clothes for the kids because who carries extra clothes anyway! He will spoil his little girl and get her another doll even though she has 10 already.

He will play soccer with his son even though it’s almost 7 and he doesn’t have a sweater on. He will do all these things that we think shouldn’t be done because that’s not how we do it. However, we all know that at the end of the day, whatever happens, he will move heaven and earth to see his little child smile and laugh. Dads are different, but their love is as real as it gets.  In both Daddy and Mummy’s world, the child will always come first.

At MumsVillage we appreciate you Daddies. We teamed up with 98.4 Capital FM to bring you a fun video to say Thank You for taking care of and loving our children, differences and all. We hope you will enjoy it.

Happy Father’s Day!