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Road Trip Packing Tips: Your Child’s Bag

Holiday trips are always exciting for our little ones especially when it comes to packing for the journey. However, you may not be sure what to pack in your child’s bag during road trips.

Here is a list of 8 Essential Items and Packing Tips That Might be Necessary;


1. Backpack.

A good backpack is necessary for a school trip. The backpack should be lightweight for your child to carry easily with easy adjustment to suit your child and also big enough to carry all the trips essentials. The backpack should have different compartments for easier packing.

2. Wipes.

Include a pack of baby wipes in your child’s backpack. Wet wipes are essential to wipe the baby’s hands before and after having their snacks. Wet wipes can also be used as a substitute for toilet paper to clean up. 


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3. Drinking water

Pack drinking water in a reusable water bottle for easy refilling. Water is essential to keep your child hydrated during the school trip. Choose a backpack with side pockets for holding a water bottle so their hands remain free at all times.

4. Snacks.

Ensure to pack a variety of healthy snacks for your child to be taken during the trip. Packing their favorite snacks is better to ensure they enjoy eating all the snacks. Include Minute Maid Nutridefenses orange juice in their list of snacks which is fortified with vitamins E and plus Zinc.


5. SunGlasses.

Sunglasses are essential for a school trip during summer. Sunglasses will protect your little one’s eyes against the sun’s UV rays and also prevent vision damage. Put the sunglasses in a sunglasses case before packing them safe on the backpack.

6. Camera.

Your child will want to capture those moments with their school mates. Include a camera in their backpack so they can take pictures and record what they see and bring it back to class for learning.

7. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential during the school trip to protect your child’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The cream will prevent your child’s skin from sunburn.

8. Book

Packing a book to keep them busy on the way is a good idea. Books will keep the child engaged and hence preventing boredom during travel.

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These 8 packing tips should make packing your child’s bag for school trips easier and more fun!

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