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Last Minute Halloween Shopping for Children in Nairobi

Halloween celebrations take place on the night of 31st October every year. Traditionally, it is believed to be the night when ghosts and witches can be seen. During Halloween, people often dress up as witches and ghosts.  Here are 10 items to shop for your kids this Halloween:

1. Spiderman Color Mask.

Stimulate imagination and creativity with the Spiderman Color Mask. This mask comes with 2 brushes and 2 masks for a fun art project and Halloween. Accessorize costumes or hang on the wall as an art piece.

Price: 1000sh

BUY NOW2. Paint Your Own Mask.

Stimulate imagination and creativity with the  Paint Your Own Mask Kit. Paint This plastic mask with 5 different paints for a fun art project. Accessorize costumes or hang on the wall as an art piece.

Price: 375 sh


3. Play-Doh Touch Shape & Style.

Get your child to create styles and shapes with this play dough. Using bumpers, cookie cutters, and tools, your little one will learn to create fun characters and other play-doh creations.

Price: 1875 sh


4. Frog Boy Comic Book.

The Frog boy comic book will give your kids an idea for Halloween costumes. It is an amazing comic book that explores Shagz, Superpowers and is suitable for all kids.

Price: 500sh


5. Grounded Monster Repellant Spray.

Is your little one afraid of monsters? Grounded Monster Repellent is a sure way of getting them to sleep on Halloween night. Apart from repelling monsters, it soothes and relaxes your baby to sleep.

Price: 688 sh


6. Kinetic Sand Glow in the Dark.

Let your child’s creativity and imagination run wild with the Kinetic Sand Glow in sand for the Halloween activities.

Price: 4875sh


7. Doc Mc Stuffins Activity Pack.

Doc McStuffins is more than just a game of cards. It helps your child with memory and numbers. Keep them occupied and learning during Halloween.

Price: 350


8. Trolls Pencil Case.

This pencil case is the ideal school accessory for fans. It features a fun and colorful character design and measures approximately 20cm x 10cm making it the ideal size to store pens, pencils, erasers, and other stationery. Your little one can use the stationery to draw arts such as hangings and paintings for Halloween.

Price: 925


9. Child Safety Wrist Link.

With the child safety wrist link, keep your child safe this Halloween. It glows at night making it safe for Halloween night.

Price: 1250sh


10. Grounded Sweet Dreams Spray

Give your kids a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams after Halloween with the Grounded sweet dreams spray which promotes restful sleep and good vibes.

Price: 688sh



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