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10 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Kindergarten.

Providing your children with the best education is every parent’s desire. According to the new curriculum, The Competency-Based Curriculum children are ready to join the reception class at the age of 3 years. Their pre-school sessions have three stages which include: Reception class, Pre-primary 1 and pre-primary 2. Before you make the decision on which kindergarten to enroll your little one, It is important to consider the following factors,

1.School Fees.

As you start school hunting, ensure you have a well-planned budget. Choose a school that fits your budget and one that has reasonable prices to avoid having your little one miss school because of fees arrears.

2. Location of the school.

When looking for a kindergarten, ensure that it is easily accessible that is the distance from home to the school does not inconvenience your little one. Finding one that is very close to home is better since you can drop them and pick them up yourself.

3. Operation Hours.

It is important to consider the kindergarten’s operating hours so that your little one enjoys attending school. Most kindergartens begin classes from 8 am to 12 pm for half-day and 8 am to 3:30 pm for a full day.

4. Conducive Environment.

Check the kindergarten’s environment. Does the environment suit your child’s health? It is important to check the facilities offered by the school such as child-size furniture, Baby pool that is well maintained, Clean play area and classrooms, spacious play area, clean and comfortable napping areas. They should also have comfortable school transport with well-fitted car seats.

5. School Curriculum.

The school curriculum is the most important factor to consider. The kindergarten should be able to provide a well-planned teaching plan for the children.

6. Children’s Safety.

As a parent, ask the kindergarten management about the school’s safety policies that they offer for the safety of their students. The school should be fenced and with enough caretakers to prevent the kids from getting lost or leaving the school premises.

7. Communication.

The school should have a consistent parent-management interaction. This can be done through daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. The class teachers should also give a daily report of the kid’s progress.

8. Class Capacity.

It is important to know the capacity of children per class and be aware of the student-teacher ratio that is recommended by the Ministry of Education. The less the number of children per class, the easier it is for the teacher to attend to every child.

9.  Welcoming Staff.

The school staff contributes to the children’s development. The staff should be well trained, care about the children, smile at the children and interact freely with the children.

10. Extra Activities.

Consider the extra activities offered by the kindergarten. The children should be enrolled in schools where they can nurture their talents and also explore different activities. The extra activities include sports, music classes, dancing, taekwondo, ballet, swimming, skating, etc.

Enrolling your children in good kindergarten schools creates a good foundation for their education. A good school environment gives the kids morale to attend school every day without throwing tantrums.

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