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Dear Future Husband

“Dear future husband, here’s a few things, you need to know if you want to be my one and only all my life”.

Meghan Trainor said it best in her song Dear Future Husband. The lyrics to that song ring true on a few of the aspects that a woman would expect from her future spouse.

I would like to try and let my future husband know a few of the things I will be expecting from him, hopefully, in the near future.  Maybe he’s reading this because I am yet to meet him. A girl can dream, and the way life works, you’ll meet your better half when you least expect it. So, everything crossed.

So, here goes. Dear husband, to ensure that you honor the mantra of “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Chivalry: I won’t ask for much in terms of chivalry, just the basics like opening doors for me, pulling out my chair when we go to a restaurant, introducing me as your partner as a start – don’t treat me as a secret.
  2. Kiss and Hug: I would love a hug and a kiss before we go to sleep, when we get up in the morning and when we part ways. I don’t think that is too much, or is it? Does that make me needy? Doesn’t matter, women are always right.
  3. Respect: This is defined as holding a person in high regard or admiration. I expect that from you honey. I will give the same in return. But remember, respect is earned.
  4. Love and Friendship: I hope we’ll remain friends throughout our lives. I want to be the first person to be called when something good/bad happens, to be with you through such times to make you feel better or help you get through it. I want to call you first if the same were to happen to me. Just as well, being friends will just make life more fun, we can be goofy together, laugh at each other, gossip and many other awesome things.
  5. Reconciliation: when we argue, I’m right. Even if I’m on the wrong, I’m still right. This will help us get through the tough times. I like to argue, sometimes, just for the fun of it. I apologize in advance. But I also own up when I’m wrong. But I’m still right. We will need to nail reconciliation right off the bat. We’ll both be happier.

So, if you’re out there dear, these are the top five things on my list that you will have to accept or put up with. Hope we meet soon.

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