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10 things men need in a relationship

More often than not, men in African society are reluctant to share their deepest feelings or open up intimately.  This may be as a result of social conditioning or a general inability to communicate personal feelings but men tend to communicate less than their partners in terms of what they need. This means that they are more prone to suffering silently when their emotional needs are not being met sufficiently by their partners.

In order to put a stop to all the endless fights with your partner due to miscommunication, understanding what your man needs might be of help.

Here are 10 things  that men also need in a relationship

1. ‘Men also need someone to talk to”

It is often expected by women that the man should be there to listen to her. But men also need a shoulder to lean on. It is okay to expect your man to be there for you, but know that it’s not just about you, you’re not the only one with issues or in need of a space to vent. The same way you tell it all to your man because you trust him, be a person he can trust as well and strive to create more emotional intimacy within your relationship.

2. “Men also need to be searched out”

During dates and intimate conversations, most women expect to be pursued. But the man also needs you to show interest in him, ask him questions, pursue him too.


3. “Men also need a hug”

It is expected for the man to give good hugs but men also need the woman to come to him and hug him up. Behind the strong ego mask men wear, is a gentle heart that also need tender loving care. A heart is a heart, whether it belongs to a man or woman.

4. “Men also need to be protected”

When a woman is being talked badly about or her name is being tarnished; it is expected of her man to defend her. But lady, also protect the honor of your man when he is attacked, stand by him in private and in public.

5. “Men also need to be told I love you”

In as much as men don’t show a lot of emotions, men love it when the woman they love tells them “I love you”. Yes, men are weird, they don’t often say these words but they need to hear them. If she stops saying them he gets scared he could be losing her.

6. “Men also need to be spoilt”

Men love gifts too, we all do male or female. The question is, what exactly will please him? Know his taste, boost his ego, praise him, celebrate him and his achievements; big or small.

7. “Men also need to be fought for”

They love a woman who fights for their relationship/marriage. Men cannot save the love alone, she must fight for it just like him.

8. “Men also need to be prayed for”

It is expected that the man should be the high priest in the relationship/marriage, but men also need the woman to cover them in prayer, the woman to go to spiritual battle and growth with him and shield him when he is bruised.

9. “Men also need to be romanced”

It is expected that the man should be the one doing the wooing and the charming. But love is best done when mutual. Lady, romance your man, be forward at times, melt his heart, come on him hard; men love a strong woman who can bring her special romance and spice into the equation.

10. “Men also need comfort”

Men also mourn, they hurt, they cry even if tears will not be seen. In the privacy of you two, hidden from the public; lady, comfort him, tell him everything will be OK.


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