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6 Things that Determine your Relationship’s Future

You would definitely know if you are in a healthy relationship because then, so much will make sense in your life. Days are sunnier because you are in love. You include each other in everything you do. You think about each other. You pray for each other. Life is just that much better when you are together (both in sad and happy times).

You simply just help each other be better people and that being the case, you have built a strong foundation for your relationship making the future a very bright one.Well then, to verify if you are on the right path to a healthy relationship, check out these 6 things that will help determine the future of your relationship.

1. How you handle God. Are you leading each other closer or further from God?


2. How you handle your physical relationship. Do you both see it as special, sacred perhaps? Is there chemistry? Excitement? Protection from unfaithfulness?

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3. How you handle communication. Are you both open, easy to reach, willing to listen to each other, comfortable enough to express your feelings and thoughts, bearing allowance to forgive?


4. How you handle the past. Are you carrying baggage from your past into your relationship? Or are you still under the shadow of yesterday? Are you done with your ex? Do you trust your lover with the secrets of the past?


5. How you handle personal ambitions. Do your individual goals clash or do they merge as one? Are you building each other?


6. How you handle finances. Do you love your lover based on possession? Do you see your lover as a financial burden? Do you treat your lover badly based on how much he/she is bringing to the table financially? Do you let little resources strain your work as a motivation to do more together?

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