Date Night Ideas for Parents with Newborns that Don't Need Heading Out

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8 Simple Date Night Ideas for Parents with Newborns

With a newborn in a family, date night can be so hard to pull off but with a little effort you can do it. The month of love is just around the corner and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Lull the baby to sleep and prepare for a night with any of these date ideas.

Here are great date night ideas to choose from.

1. Fancy Dinner at Home 

Dinner at home can be homemade or you can spoil yourselves with some takeout. A great meal with great music? Count me in. You can also skip the music and catch up on each other.

  • Make an awesome meal or order take out and set it up on your dinner table in a romantic way with candles, fancy dishes and great decor.
  • Feed each other.
  • Dress up for each other.

Date night

2. Music and Dancing

When is the last time you danced to your favourite tune? Or better yet when is the last time you danced with your partner alone? Well, if you can’t remember it’s about time you rekindled the fire.

  • Move furniture aside.
  • Play your favourite music.
  • Dance. If you are a bit extra, afro-beats are catchy tunes to dance to even if you got two left feet. Let the rhythm speak to you.


3. Netflix and Chill

Stock up on your favourite snacks: popcorn, crisps, chocolate or any other home made treats. Pull your favourite shawl and snuggle up for a great movie pick with your person, snacks in tow.


4. Game night

Board games are a great way to enjoy date night at home.  Here are some great board game options;

  • Jenga.
  • Scrabble.
  • Kenya at 50.
  • What do you “meme”
  • Chess.

No cheating please!


5. Hot Bubble Baths

A hot bath is so relaxing but you run the risk of getting cold soon. I’m sure you can get other ways of warming up. Make this moments worthwhile by;

  • Using bath salts and aromatic salts.
  • Bring out your scented candles; vanilla, lavender, pomegranate or other choices that you may have.

Date Night


6. Get Physical

Hot baths, back rubs and cuddling go hand in hand. They are a great way to ease up and let loose.

  • Bring out your essential oils.
  • Use cushy and soft blankets.
  • Sprinkle rose petals on the blankets.
  • Take turns massaging each other.

Date Night


7. Cook Together

The Kitchen is the heart of the house. Great meals are prepared here, important conversations held here and memories made here. Make a meal from scratch together. It will bring you closer

  • Try out a new recipe.
  • Divide preparing roles.
  • Conquer with a bomb meal.
  • Enjoy and have a fun.


8. Explore Photo Archives

Review old photographs together and relieve the moments those photos were taken in. Reminisce and connect over what brought you together in the first place. Old photos have a way of rekindling and awakening love.

  • Go through the photo album over snacks.
  • Laugh over the memories and reveal cute little truths and secrets.


9. Create a Family Vision Board

We all have personal vision boards but it is essential to create  a family vision board and map out your family’s future.

  • Play some great background music.
  • Put the family goals on paper. Write them down.
  • Cut out some pictures to go with the photos and bring the vision board to life.


These date night ideas will not break the bank and even better, you will enjoy it at the comfort of your home.  Try these out and when your baby is bigger you will surely enjoy spending time with your partner at different places.

Remember, the best date is the one that gives you a chance to reconnect!


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