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Real Mum Interview: Claire Oneko, Film and TV Producer

Which 3 things would you like the MumsVillage audience to know about you?

  •  I am a filmmaker and producer in Nairobi
  •  I am the new producer to the international franchise the real housewives with real housewives of Nairobi. 
  •  I am the mother to Beck Oneko with another baby on the way #MOMOF2


What is your occupation?

I am a filmmaker and producer for film and TV in Nairobi and Johannesburg.


We like Numbers

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

 I have a son who is 5 years old with another on the way 


How many diapers do you think you’ve changed? 

I can’t count. Still changing diapers to avoid night peeing.


How many selfies/videos of your kids do you take in a week?  

I would say 4 a week.


Now on to Other Fun Questions

How did becoming a Mum change your personality?

I became more mature, I treat each day with purpose. I am more compassionate to those around me. I have become smarter as the quest for knowledge to educate my own kids without making it someone else’s responsibility


We know that a lot of mums strive for balance. What does balance mean to you and your life?

Getting my work done and being on set while having the ability to spend time with my children while I fulfill my goals as a filmmaker. Balance means that I organize my home and work life in such a way that provides and supports my children and family.


What do you do to unwind and recharge?

I watch inspirational videos like Red Table Talk and watch my fav shows like Downton Abbey.


What is the most amazing thing about parenting your children in Kenya? 

The freedom and opportunities my children get to experience. The news is scary right now with so much going on, for example, the US and how the current administration is not for a lot of the minorities and people of color especially. In Kenya, my first born who is Kenyan American is definitely getting more opportunities and treatment here in Kenya than he would if he was being raised in the US as a black and African child.


How did you choose your kid(s)’ name (s) and what do they mean?

I named my son after the musician Beck and I am naming my new baby after a french poet I really admire. I name my children after people I think are inspirational enough to guide my children’s upbringing.


What are the top 3 kids places for fun in your neighbourhood?

  • Thigiri Ridge Playground 
  • The Play Area at Two Rivers Mall
  • My own compound


Which activities do you regularly engage in for recreation with your family?

Lots of arts and crafts, painting, drawing and anything creative. I always invite my son to help me with my DIY PROJECTS and of course nurturing his interest in film-making which I have noticed recently.


It takes a village. Who are your go-to people in case of anything?

My Dad

My Mom


In what way do you hope the workplace will be different for your kids?

I am a filmmaker and work for myself so luckily I always accept jobs and share my motherhood with employers so that they can support me accordingly when I bring them to my film/photography sets. I make my own rules owning the fact that I am a working mom and come as that package on any project so I hope that dependent on what my kids decide to be, they can have the opportunities to make the jobs work for them and their employers.


What is the one thing or experience you never had that you want for your kids?

So many to choose from. Constant and Stable employment, for me in the creative and entertainment industry in Kenya, it’s always a gamble. I would want for them to travel the world and experience different cultures and experience peace in their hearts in everything they embark on.


And on the flip side, what is the one thing or experience you wish your child could have from your childhood that they can’t? 

The simplicity of life that I had growing up in the 90’s as opposed to the current fast pace of life in 2019.


What is the most annoying interview question you’ve been asked that you’re glad we didn’t? 

Questions about my other half .


In what ways is your parenting style similar to your Mother? In what ways is it different?

We don’t have a similar parenting style and it’s been amazing seeing her with my children because it’s so different from what I experienced. The most important things I have picked up from her are how be patient, kind as well as nurturing. I think I am way more liberal than she is.


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