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Child Friendly Establishments by Neighbourhood (Karen Edition)

Sundays are a great day to reconnect with family but sometimes you want to change things up and hang out elsewhere other than home. Here is a list of some child friendly establishments to take a chance at, in Karen.


1. Marula Mercantile

Location: Marula Studios on Marula Lane Karen

Tel no: 0706 22 4444




Price range: from Ksh. 450



Monday – Friday: 8:30 am -10:00 pm (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:00 p m (Brunch and Dinner)

They have a playground on site, so the kids are free to run around and play.



Another serene location to relax. When you’re there you don’t even feel like you’re in Nairobi. There is lots of space for the kids to run around and they have a bouncy castle and clown on Sundays. There are also some animals on site.

Location: 165 Ngong Road, Karen

Tel no: 0706521573




Price Range: Click here for menu

Open hours: 10AM- 12AM


3. The Hub

Malls are such a great option when it comes to picking a location for Family Funday as it is everything you could need all in one roof. To say that The Hub has you covered is an understatement. In their words it’s “More than a mall.” It’s worth mentioning that the hallways are so unbelievably wide thus stroller friendly even when there are a lot of people.

Location: Dagoretti Road



Open hours: 9AM – 9PM



4. Purdy Arms

Availability of space for the kids to run around is key when looking for a family chill spot. Purdy Arms is perfect for you in terms of that as well as great food, friendly staff and entertainment.

Location: 61 Marula Lane

Tel no: 0712007001




Price range: Click here for menu

Open hours: 9AM – 11PM daily


5. Tamambo Karen BLIXEN

For an all rounded Family Funday visit Tamambo Karen BLIXEN for fun, play and some history as well. The Karen Blixen Museum is near by so you could make a visit before lunch.

Location: Karen Road

Tel no: 0719346349




Open hours: 6AM – 10PM


6. Asmara Restaurant

Looking for a great outdoor ambience where your kids can explore the playground as you enjoy your amazing food? This restaurant is exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to stop by. Your kids will love it.

Location: Ngong Rd No 321

Tel no:+254 724 124 555


Open hours: 11 AM – 11PM




7. Stedmark Gardens

This is probably the best thing in Karen at the moment. It has a one-of-a kind floating restaurant for a unique dining experience,snake park, bird sanctuary, distinct tented camps for your holiday getaway and a huge playground for your children to run around freely. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this hidden gem, you are definitely missing out.

Location: Mokoyeti Rd

Tel no: 0705734780


Open hours: 8AM – 6 PM




8. Giraffe Centre

Giraffes are such intriguing creatures but up until now your child has probably only seen a giraffe on Madagscar. Take your child down to the Giraffe Centre for an interactive and fun experience with nature. You even get to feed the giraffes!

Location: Duma Rd

Tel no: 0208070804





9. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Sanctuary

Another great place for the kids to get to see animals first hand. They’ll get to learn about wildlife endangered animals and how they rescue elephants at their sanctuary.


Location: off Magadi Rd, opposite MMU

Tel no: 0721759614


Open: 11AM – 6PM




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