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Chef Rose Mathieu Recipe : Spicy Mahamri

Finally, here it is. Mahamri-Coconut and cardamom doughnuts recipe from our Award winning chef that is easy to follow and will have you craving for more

Ingredients for the Mahamri

Ghee butter, coconut powder, all purpose flour, sugar, dry yeast, plain yogurt, cardamom and cooking oil.

  1. All purpose flour 750g ( 3 cups )
  2.  coconut powder 200g ( 3/4 cup )
  3.  sugar 150g ( 1/2 cup )
  4.  cardamom 10g ( 1 Tsp)
  5.  dry yeast 12g ( 1 Tsp )
  6. plain yogurt 12g ( 1 Tsp)
  7.  ghee 25g ( 2 Tsps ) and
  8. lukewarm water 375g ( 1 1/2 cups )

Here are the easy steps



End results


For more of Chef Rose’s recipes visit her page and you can also visit the Baking Schools on our resource centre to learn how to whip up more of these delicacies.


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