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A Beginner’s Guide to Caring for Orchids

Orchids are by far one of the most desirable flowering plants there are. They make for excellent centrepieces and are a great decoration for any space.


Now, many have asked and you may be wondering too, how to take care of orchids and get them to stay as lovely as they are on the day you pot them. Let me break it down for you so you may have a clear understanding of what they need and how you will get them to stay lush.


Plant your orchid in PON

LECHUZA-PON is a soil substrate from LECHUZA (manufacturer of Catapult Nature’s self-watering planters) and is made from pumice, zeolites, lava, and a fertilizer. Why this is ideal is because PON ensures optimal air circulation around the roots and stores water and nutrients!

classico orchid

Position your Orchids to receive light

Orchids require light to thrive. However, not all of them can bear direct sunlight. Therefore, be sure to position the orchid on a window facing the East or the West. Do not over-water them.  Orchids are prone to root rot and therefore should be watered carefully. Fortunately, the sub-irrigation system in our LECHUZA planters avoids stagnant moisture with its water level indicator there to guide you. This will ensure your orchids get just the right amount of water when needed.

orchid planters

The water level indicator is as seen at the top right front of the above planter.

Fertilize your orchids modestly

Orchids require fertilizer to grow healthy and remain so. The fertilizer contained in LECHUZA-PON lasts for up to twelve months and you will not need to fertilize your orchid further during this period. After this time has lapsed, you may use a standard fertilizer that can be added to the water to continue their nourishing.


Happy orchids make for a happy you! To purchase orchids for yourself or a loved one, visit our store.