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Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Child’s Room

As all parents know, bringing up children can be expensive, but decorating their first bedroom is a milestone moment that you’ll want to do properly as you’ll both remember it for years to come. The perfect balance you’ll need to find is somewhere between style and practicality. 


While you want to add dashes of magic throughout the room to spark their young imaginations, they’re still young and accidents do happen so combine the unicorns with some practicality. 


One way of combining some personality with practicality is with a rug. Choosing the right rug will keep your original flooring safe from damage, provide a playing area and add some much needed splashes of color. What’s more there are some children’s play rugs with patterns that can make the rug a feature that they will low, as much as a neat decoration.


But how do you find this perfect combination while managing your budget? Check out this great below infographic put together by our buddies over at Land of Rugs:

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