Fitness Tip : 5 Easy Ways To Burn The Excess Holiday Weight

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Fitness Tip : 5 Easy Ways To Burn The Excess Holiday Weight

After the holidays are over and alot of junk has been consumed you might want to detox and get back to your normal weight. The most common used phrases among trainers and gym instructors include, ‘no pain no gain,’ ‘Sweat it and get it’ and the phenomenal ‘load weight.’ Such phrases help push you to the limit.

Procrastination is the enemy of progress. For this reason, don’t postpone any longer that which you can do to transform your body or life and lose some weight in the process.


There are many phenomenal ways to give the body definition and transformations in regards to trainees’ specifications. Some of these include weight loss, weight gain and hardcore and athletic programmes which produce a lot more lean muscle.


  1. Work out is 20%, Nutrition is 80%

Abs are made in the Kitchen. For any person training, nutrition is a key as performance fundamental. It will be able to give a better performance during work out and desired results effectively.



2. Consistency

Training with strict adherence to the training programme gives tremendous progress in achieving desired body transformations.



3. No pain, no gain

Working hard is a key success factor to achieve any desired goal so putting in the entire effort is mandatory.

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4. Patience

Not all body structures are capable of dynamic transformations. In fact the gurus and best body builders take years and years of consistent practice to obtain their highly defined body structures. You need to be patient for your body to get acclimatized with your pro-gramme.  With time, you will see the results.

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5. Hydration

Hydration is key to any person’s training to perform well. Remember, 70 percent of the body is water. Some of the best program-mes to shed off body fat are basically involving yourself in athletic program-mes which involve both muscle gain and fitness.


Our resources centre has a list of fitness experts and personal trainers that can take you through this journey towards getting back your bikini body.


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