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The 12 Travellers You’ll Meet on Your Next Trip

Traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta was not wrong when he said, “Travelling—it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” Are you planning a trip? You might want to read this.


It all began with a light-hearted conversation with a former flight attendant on the different types of travellers they meet while in flight.

Then she got me thinking about my own travels in the last few years and a bet I recently won. I bet with a close friend of mine that Trump would win the elections but she was sure that Hilary would carry the day.

So the deal was whoever won would book the other a flight to any African country of their choice. She thought I would say Uganda …I settled on South Africa. Specifically the Cape Town Jazz Festival, I am totally stoked about it.

What’s more, South Africa Airlines currently has a great deal for this.





Anyway I digress, back to my flight attendant friend who has been in the flight business for over 37 years.  She says in her line of work, these 12 travellers are a guarantee.


What type of passenger are you?





  1. The Sleepers- You spot them as soon as they are strapped in their seat. They nod off even before the instructional safety video goes up. They only wake up when the pilot announces that they are preparing to land.





  1. The Do Not Disturb Traveller- This traveller is dead serious and has a no-nonsense attitude from the moment they board the aircraft. Even cabin crew flip coins to decide who will have the misfortune of dealing with this passenger.






  1. The Frightened Traveller- This traveller will probably be sweating buckets and looking like they will probably be sick during take-off, landing and of course when there is turbulence. They are the reason we have the throw-up bag. We truly sympathize with them.


  1. The Know-it-all Traveller- This passenger is all about where they have been and who they know, know everything and anything and how the world economy is crushing. You will be able to hear them three aisles down and the cabin crew has to constantly shush them so that the rest of the passengers can get some peace.






  1. The Aisle-fillers – describes this passenger as one who ignores people behind them, who are in a rush to get to their seats, and fiddles with their bag in the overhead bin as if they were alone on the aircraft.






  1. The Bingers – This Traveller is always eating and drinking anything and everything on offer. Lady Iron Chef couldn’t have put it better when she said, “After a full meal service and a few cocktail orders, do you really need another serving of cup noodles? Studies have shown that the effectiveness of our taste buds is altered while flying, but I highly doubt it causes our appetites to double.”






  1. The Naggers/ Complainers – Always complaining about the food, the drinks and even the air outside. You can never please them. We are happy to see them go and hope they never return.


  1. The First time traveller – This passenger is like the new kid in school. They need instruction about all matters flying. They will be full of questions. If you sit next tone, be kind to them, that was you once.





  1. The Lonely Traveller – Interacts with no one but you can tell the longing for human contact or conversation by the forlorn look in their eyes. Reach out if you can, they’ll appreciate it.





  1. The Overwhelmed Ones –This passenger could probably be a traveller with loads of baggage, a pregnant mum or parents with toddlers who are dreading the 8-hour trip in which their baby might not sleep. It’s no fault of theirs though and some of them use the call attendant button as their lifeline, during the entire course of the flight. They will also have you minding their stuff for a moment or retrieving an item from their bags as their hands are full. Our advice, take one for the team, that could be you one day.



  1. I need the Bathroom Traveller – Most times, they chose the window seat, but squeeze past you at least five times to go to the restroom. In an hour. If you can change seats.





  1. The Chatty Neighbour – They will talk your ear off.



Ps – It’s not all bad, sometimes you get lucky and your seat mate is pretty cool and you hit off with them. They are the easy-going types. Whatever your experience, you will have a story to tell. Happy Travels.



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  1. Bernice Thuo says:

    Hahahha this is so funny. and so relatable. I have sat next to everyone of those passangers., and i must admit “the know it all” is the most difficult passanger to sit next to.

  2. Yazmin Jumaali says:

    I always want to be #1 but rarely fall asleep on a plane!

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