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World Aids Day : Why the HIV Virus is like a Millennial

If the HIV Virus was a person it would be a millennial. Here’s why:

It was discovered in 1983, and millennial era began in 1981. Like Millennials who are considered more diverse than any previous generation, there exists over 60 different epidemic strains of HIV-1 in the world.


But that’s just part of the story…Today is World Aids Day, a worldwide event held annually since 1988. The theme of this year’s event is Hands up for HIV Prevention. It encourages us to come together in the fight against HIV, show our support for the 36.9 million people living with the virus, and remember the 34 million people who have lost their lives at its hands.

All is not lost, as a result of scaled-up HIV prevention services there was a 70% decline in the number of new HIV infections among children between 2000 and 2015. Despite this significant progress, the number of children becoming newly infected with HIV is still way too high.


Reports indicate that about 150, 000 children became infected with HIV in 2015, down from 490, 000 in 2000. In June this year, Cuba became the first country to eliminate all new HIV infections among children. And more than 80 countries currently have fewer than 50 new HIV infections among children.

Sadly, an estimated 19 million people worldwide who are infected with HIV don’t know it because they are not tested. What’s more 50% of new infections are in People Under the age of 25.


Wondering how you can lend your voice to the fight against HIV/Aids today? Wear a red ribbon, it is an internationally recognised way to show support and solidarity to the millions of people living with HIV. Take a few minutes of your day to learn more about the HIV/Aids Epidemic and how best to protect yourself and your family.

Lastly, Remember we are assumed all positive until tested negative. Know your status- Get Tested Today!