The Forever Tree

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When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful Malala Yousafzai

Book of the Month: The Forever Tree

Wangari Grace is a Storyteller, Actress and Children’s Author. She has honed her storytelling skills performing for a variety of audiences of  on numerous themes.

She shares with us the inspiration to write The Forever Tree:

“After telling stories in over 10 years, I have realized that children love the oral performance. However, a lot of them don’t love reading books as much. I decided to write a storybook that children will interact with. A story that is as interesting to be read as it is to be listened to. That’s how The Forever Tree came to be. Plus, I have numerous nieces and nephews who don’t always get a chance to watch me performing!”

Story: Opuk the Tortoise had a dream in which he saw a magic tree that has all types of fruits growing on its branches. Grandmother Koko, the wise owl, tells them that it is real. It has a magical name and only those who remember the name can find the tree. Which animal will find this magic tree?

Stockists: The Forever Tree is also available in Swahili (Mti Wa Milele.) You can find the books at Savannis, Himani (CBD), Textbook Centre and various other bookshops. You can also order directly from the publishers, Storymoja Africa or get an autographed copy from Wangari 🙂 It is suitable for readers from age of 6 years and above.

Wangari has performed in Uganda, Tanzania and Sweden and on the Jambo Toto children’s TV program on KBC and currently Sigana Motomoto interactive storytelling program on QTV. You can connect with Wangari on Facebook , Twitter and on her website.