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How Bone Soup Rescued My Milk Supply

Being a first time mum I’ve learnt quite a bit in these few weeks.

No one could have prepared me for what happened after I gave birth. I had the impression that after a healthy pregnancy, once you start breastfeeding then milk supply would freely flow. I guess as a young mum I was misinformed. No one told me that bone soup as part of your post baby diet could help with breastfeeding problems.

Exactly two weeks after birth, my daughter woke up to feed in the middle of the night and after sometime, she started fussing and getting agitated. I could not understand why until I noticed there was no milk for her.
It was quite scary and unexpected, luckily she fell asleep and by the time she woke up my breasts had filled up again.


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However I didn’t want a repeat of that especially at night and I was very reluctant to start using formula.

My doctor suggested I should ingest more hot fluids which helped to some extent but my little one has a voracious appetite, so the milk was still was not enough. It didn’t help the fact that I was lactose intolerant so cow’s milk was not an option.

It was only until my daughter’s grandma came to visit and brought a thermos full of bone soup that I realized I constantly had milk after that.

So there it goes. Soup! My secret ingredient to constant milk supply. I have a cup after every meal and one in the wee hours of the night. With that, I am assured my little girl is fully sated.
Add a bowl of porridge every day and I can say it serves as a bonus to my milk supply.


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Benefits of bone soup 

Bone soup has special benefits for women who just gave birth. It is great with recovery especially restoring blood and fluid lost during birth.
Reason being it contains nutrients and minerals that strengthen the mother’s body and has the ability to hydrate breastfeeding moms who might need the extra milk supply boost. The bones used to make broth have bodybuilding properties that help strengthen bones and tendons postpartum.