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Baby Poop Chart : What does your Baby’s Poop Mean?

Before having kids you could not imagine ever caring, let alone talking about poop. As a new mum, it won’t be long before you become obsessed with the contents of your baby’s diaper.  It will seem to feature in almost all your conversations with other parents. From colour to texture to smell, you might find yourself sometimes wondering, “Is this normal?

You might have to check out this important baby poop info to see what your baby’s diaper may reveal.



The stage after means more dirty diapers in one day than you can possibly imagine!

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This kind of stool can definitely come with some force behind it! Almost any experienced parent has a story of getting hit by this poop. Here’s a Tip: have a new diaper ready to go as soon as you remove the soiled one. It would be advisable to slide the new Pampers diaper underneath before removing the old one, too.





It is tried and tested that peddling an infant’s legs to and from his chest, as if he was riding a bicycle, can be a gentle way to stimulate your child’s digestive system and get things moving easily. (Try this after bath-time or before bed-time)

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Warning Signs

These colours of baby poop can be a cause of concern and mean you should seek medical advice immediately- just in case.







Have you noticed your baby’s diaper is wet or soiled? Clean their bottoms with the pampers baby wipes after every diaper change. You can also clean up any other mess using the pampers wipes. Shop Now at The MumsVillageShop

Mum’s Tip : The Four Ps: Prunes, Plums, Peaches and Pears. These four fruits are a great natural way to help baby pass stool easily. If baby has started solids, incorporate one of these into your child’s daily diet to keep things moving.


Editor’s Note:

As a parent you would know if something is wrong with your newborn baby. If you see anything different, spot a baby poop problem accompanied by a high fever or if baby is crying inconsolably,  you should call a doctor – who can help guide you through what could be the cause and next steps for relief..


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