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Ask Valentine: The G-Spot Dilemma

I get this question a lot, is the female g-spot real? You Bet! There is an assumption that because you are a mother, you must know how to have mind-blowing sex. After years answering your sex questions, I know that great sex is not a necessity for motherhood.

Many, many mothers do not have a full understanding of their body’s pleasure points and therefore they can’t teach their partners how to get them to orgasm.

I am a fan of masturbation if only to get you comfortable with your body and so that you can share your hot spots with a partner.  How can you possibly show someone the way to places you have never been?  How can you let them go there if you are uncomfortable with pleasure or being seen in a certain way?


In the above video I give you a basic road-map to your G-spot.


A few years ago I read Tim Ferris’s The 4 Hour Body and in it he talks about women being able to have 15 minute orgasms regularly.  Can you imagine being in an intense state of pleasure for that long? Would you want your partner to see you that way? Are you ready for that kind of intimacy?

You can prepare for it by giving yourself permission to feel good.  Find your G-spot and touch it and your clitoris regularly when you are by yourself.  Enjoy the sensations and notice your internal dialogue about sex, masturbation and your body.  We receive a lot of ‘sex is bad’ training as we are growing up and letting go of that takes years.  Noticing what your internal dialogue is, is the beginning of letting all that negativity go.




The clitoris is a 5 inch long organ that exists for no other reason than your pleasure and your orgasm.  It is your duty to find it and make it work for you.

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