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What is your Feminine Superpower?

Multi-tasking is one of my favourite feminine skills! You will not believe what an incredible gift this capability is for women in business, especially mums in business.

As women, we all seem to have it. It’s the visible version of our non-linear wiring: we don’t start one task, follow it from A to Z, then start another task and follow it the same way. Instead, we start one task, start another one, go back to the first one, then start a third one before returning to the second…. Any business owner knows what a useful skill multi-tasking is—especially when you are pursuing sales!


Let’s say you are preparing for a pitch. You need to update your materials, research your potential client, and apply facts about them to your pitch (similar companies they have funded, for example, or similar products they have carried and how well those performed.) You need to memorize and practice your pitch and make sure your PowerPoint presentation or other materials are top-notch.

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You need to clear your schedule in advance, as much as possible, to ensure plenty of time to be clear and centered.

You need to get a great night’s sleep the night before (and not show up to a big pitch with a hangover—I made that mistake once, years ago when I was new to sales, and I never made it again!) And you need to do all these things while still fulfilling on your other professional and personal responsibilities, without getting so frazzled that you arrive for your meeting with your nerves frayed and your concentration shot.

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Multi-tasking occurs during a pitch, too—and it beautifully integrates your other feminine strengths.

During a pitch, you need to connect and communicate, while also deploying your creativity and following your intuition to know what to say, what not to say, when to push, when to pause.

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If this sounds overwhelming—multi-tasking makes it possible! Of course, the more you practice showing up inside your intuitive listening and your authentic self-expression, the easier this will become.


Multi-tasking will also serve you well when you are in pre-sales conversations.

Especially the ones you hope will lead to a sales meeting. Your ability to steer a conversation toward what you offer, suss out whether the other person is a possible client, and then deliver a compelling elevator pitch. This killer speech will definitely compel them to  agree to a follow up sales call with you: that takes some multi-tasking skills! Again, you are connecting, communicating, and collaborating all at the same time.Generation validation

This is feminine capability at its best—when you show up as the most authentic version of yourself, grounded in what motivates you, and capture others’ interest in doing business with you.

Multi-tasking makes it possible.