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7 Tricks to Personal Success for Female Entrepreneurs

Even before I began coaching female entrepreneurs, I saw that one of the areas where many of us struggle is promoting ourselves.

Proclaiming our abilities goes against what we as women have been taught, let alone asking anyone to pay good money for them. Yet we simply must master the skill of authentic self-promotion if we are to succeed as female entrepreneurs! We can have the best product or service in the world and it will do us no good if we don’t tell people about it and convince them to buy it.

There are many effective approaches to sales. But there’s one route that most of us overlook: selling from our feminine strengths. Women fought for decades to compete as equals with men, and in the process we forgot that there are some ways we don’t want to play by men’s rules because ours are actually better!


Men are excellent at building. They are strategic, they are linear, they can make a plan and execute it—which, in business, is crucial. But it’s not the only effective approach, and unfortunately women have become so accustomed to playing by men’s rules in the business world that we have overlooked some of our natural traits with which we can balance those male skills in order to thrive more than ever before. I teach women to integrate their natural feminine strengths with the traditional male business approach—and the results are dazzling.

In this series, we’re going to look at sales—that oh-so-uncomfortable element of being a female entrepreneur—from a female-strength perspective. Women have many inborn feminine abilities, but the ones we’ll address in this series are seven areas where we are inherently and uniquely capable: creativity, intuition, connection,  communication, motivation, multi-tasking, and nurture. Add these strengths onto a traditional linear business approach and you have a dynamite combination!


For now, take a moment to forget everything you’ve learned about business.

Imagine you were born with everything you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams! Then open your eyes, read these articles, and embark on your journey into using your masculine and feminine strengths to create a sales approach that will give you clarity and confidence and will transform the way you approach self-promotion. Get ready to soar!

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