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Motivation : What drives your Personal ‘Why’ in Business?

Motivation is one of the most important aspects of your female experience of sales. This is because, as women, we are driven by our why.

In my work with female entrepreneurs, I teach the importance of a Why that is bigger than yourself. “I want to earn money” isn’t a good enough Why for a woman. “I want to earn money so I can buy a car and wear designer clothes” isn’t even good enough. But try “I want to earn money so I can send my kids to great schools and they will be equipped to create great futures for themselves and their kids,” and that is a Why a woman can stand behind! And if she wants to watch her kids prosper and have a car and designer clothes, that’s great—but a woman’s Why needs multiple layers that include people she loves to highlight her greatest motivation.

In sales, of course, you need to motivate others to buy from you. But you also need to know why you are motivated to motivate them to buy from you! If you’re going to put yourself through the intense discomfort of following up leads, promoting yourself, and chasing payments, why? When it’s late and the kids are finally asleep and it’s your chance for some much-needed rest of your own, what will drive you to edit your concept note first? You need a Why to realise your motivation

Get clear on an inspiring goal that makes a difference for someone you love (such as, I will build my mother a house of her own).

Then get clear on an inspiring goal that will make a difference for you (such as, I will work part-time so I can take a yoga class every day and have time to spend with my children). And remember not to waste your precious time and energy on anyone’s goals but your own! Too often others project their goals onto you, and next thing you know, you’re busting your butt to buy a plot of land you never wanted in the first place.

woman feeding baby with colleagues watchingInstead, use your intuition to find clarity on the goals that truly motivate you to work hard and to do and be your best, while allowing you to live a life you love in the process. When you pitch someone from that place, they will find your offer downright irresistible!

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At the same time, you need to pitch from a place of personal value.

Do you really believe that what you offer is something other people need, and that you are the best one to give it to them? If so, are you charging appropriately? Our sense of value, of worthiness, can be a really tough area for women. When you ask someone to buy what you offer, you need to ground yourself in a solid belief that counters what your“inner maggot” whispers to you—so if you normally think, I’m not educated enough or I don’t deserve money, counter that with a powerful affirmation. I know everything, I need to offer excellent service to this client or I am worthy of the finances required to allow me to soar!

elderly-man-with-woman-holding-a-tabThis will also help you pitch with authentic confidence.

Combine that with being grounded in your personal Why, and you are motivated to pitch yourself and be unstoppable!