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Creativity : The Feminine Trick to Personal Success

Creativity! Women are naturally creative.

It might not feel that way, when you’re sitting at home with the baby’s spit-up on your shirt and your biggest goal is your next nap, but behind the ups and downs of daily life we have a creative rhythm that never stops. We are good at putting new ideas into practice, and when we are faced with questions, we can find many ways to answer them.

Creativity is in high demand in the workplace, and nowhere moreso than for entrepreneurs. Nowadays, almost nothing is new, and even if your product is truly innovative (and especially if it’s not), you have to work hard to make yourself stand out. You have to find a niche—you don’t just sell shoes, you sell designer heels; you’re not just a massage therapist, you specialize in prenatal massage. In addition, one of the greatest marketing tools in this era is authenticity. People connect with a message that’s real, that’s genuine. (More about that in the article on connection.) And if they’re going to buy designer heels anyway, they’d just as soon do so from a woman with a distinct brand that reflects her.

What is required to connect with your target audience through your authentic branding?Creativity.

When you’re at a networking event, introducing yourself to one person after another, how are you going to ensure you are the person that sticks in people’s minds? Creativity. When you get a chance to pitch your ideal client, how can you prepare an engaging presentation that will portray your value without making them die of boredom? Creativity.

There are no templates for authentic branding—your approach has to reflect you. It can feel safer to mimic what others have done, but no one has ever been you promoting your brand.
Does your elevator pitch make people say “wow”? Does it make them say “tell me more”? Do people keep their attention on you for an entire full-length sales presentation? If not, you are probably not saying the right things, and you are probably not saying them with passion and conviction. How can you fix this? You guessed it—creativity.

You have already used creativity to dream up your business and put that dream in motion. But you need creativity to keep it going and growing, too. Don’t settle for the status quo when it comes to your brand—look for ways to position your product and yourself as something that’s never quite been seen before!

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Pause for a moment and consider this question: what are your goals from running your own business? If you’re like most people, they will include a lot of things you’d like to have—a nice house, an expensive car, holidays abroad, etc. When we consider our goals, the usual order goes like this: when I have these things, then I will do what I want (relax at home, drive in my car, shop in Dubai), and then I will be happy.

Now consider another option: be someone creative who sticks in people’s minds, and once you are being that person, you’ll sense new ways of doing your work that result in having the things you’ve desired.

That’s creativity.

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