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What your Favourite Chocolate Bar Says about you

chocolate bar

Chocolate!! Where to begin? Its the indulgence, the sinful sweetness, it’s everything we hate to love. Have you ever thought that maybe your favourite chocolate is not a coincidence but rather a reflection of your personality?

Curious to know what your special chocolate bar says about you? Say no more. I got you!


Milk Chocolate – Romantic

GOOD milk chocolate can be summed up in one word – smooth. Milk chocolate lovers follow suit with their laid back personality. They typically go with the flow, are non-confrontational and thrive in harmonious situations. Their calm and flexible demeanor make them romantic, easy to befriend and build long lasting relationships with.


Dark Chocolate – Sophisticated

Fun Fact: PURE dark chocolate is loaded with health benefits. In fact, dark chocolate with 70% Cacao is actually considered a superfood. So, the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you! Those who enjoy dark chocolate have refined, sophisticated pallets. Their serious and confident nature helps keep their lives and those around them centered and grounded.

If you’re not a dark chocolate fanatic, you may need to tailor your taste buds to accommodate this sweet and healthy treat. This particular decadence may not be a sin after all!


White Chocolate – Creative

Did you know that white chocolate is technically not even chocolate? White chocolate is actually a combination of cocoa butter, sugar and milk! However, if you’ve ever treated yourself to white chocolate you’d know that it is every bit just as fun and creamy as any other chocolate! People who prefer white chocolate tend to be quirky and creative. They typically work against the grid and have a colorful artistic side to their personality!


Mint Chocolate – Adventurous

Mint/Peppermint chocolate has a unique and distinct taste. The signature combination of freshness and sweetness is refreshing and delicious to those who enjoy it! Mint chocolate lovers are bold and like to spice things up. They are ambitious and constantly looking for experiences that challenge them and keep them on their toes.


Nutty Chocolate – Old Fashioned

That crunch!! The perfect marriage of sweet and savory – a match made in heaven. If you know, you know. People who prefer chocolate with nuts are typically traditional yet fearless and value small networks of friends. Their complex character is mimicked by the variety of textures within their nutty chocolate of choice!


Fruity Chocolate – Loyal

If you’re treating yourself to fruity or fruit-filled chocolate chances are, you silently convince your guilty conscience that you are making a healthy decision – ignoring the sea of chocolate your small bits of dried fruit are buried in. It’s okay, this is a judgment-free zone. Your fruity preference reveals you as a fun yet down-to-earth person who is both generous and fiercely loyal to those around them.


Caramel Chocolate – Charismatic

Can I just say that whoever came up with the combination of chocolate and caramel deserves some serious accolades. A timeless fan favorite – caramel chocolate represents charm, delight and satisfaction. Caramel chocolatiers are charismatic and comfortable in their own skin. Their magnetic personality makes it easy to form relationships and their lovable nature ensures that these bonds are long lasting.


So, what do you think? Did we get it right?


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