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Top 10 Hero Movies To See With Your Kids

Here are a few hero movies out of our wide selection that will wow your kids and keep them entertained for a few minutes

Big Hero Six

After a tragic accident, a group of 5 teenagers team up with a loving healthcare robot to avenge the death of a loved one, and in the process learn to love again.

The Incredibles

One of the best Disney movies out there. This somewhat dysfunctional family of superheroes taught us what it really means to be a family.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo was definitely one of the best Disney movies ever made and with a sequel in production, parents and children alike can follow the hilarious, yet touching, adventures of an over-protective father and his amnesiac best friend, who risk their lives to save his son.




Princess Merida is an inspiration to young girls everywhere, proving that being a girl does not always have to mean doing what everyone expects. However the most important lesson in following your heart is dealing with the consequences of your own actions and learning the true meaning of courage.


Tangled is an entertaining spin on the classic tale of Rapunzel and is sure to get a number of giggles from adults and kids alike as you follow the hilarious misadventures of a naïve young girl searching for independence and a witty criminal looking to escape the law. Both discover the unexpected, changing their lives for the better.


Disney’s highest-grossing animation to date, inspired thousands of young girls all over the world to follow the example of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, who encouraged them to do whatever it takes to save the ones you love.




Mulan, although not a Princess, proved that you do not need a title to have virtues associated with royalty. She beats the odds going to great lengths to show bravery and courage, doing what no girl in her time dared to.

Lion King

Lion King is a classic Disney movie, based right here in Kenya. It is sure to keep your little ones entertained, as well as teaching them that tragedy does not have to hinder greatness.


This hero movie is a definite must-watch, with all four movies filled with side-splitting humor and an array of Disney characters as never seen before. It proves that not all fairy-tales have a generic plot, Princes’ aren’t always charming, and your trusty steed might be slightly chatty.

Ice Age

Ice Age unites a group of unlikely heroes, who despite many personality clashes and life-threatening adventures, learn that friends can turn into family and that family does not always have to be related.

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