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A Super Mum’s Breakfast

A shortcut can save you time and energy – two precious commodities for mums. If you’re never on time for school drop-off/work/anything, we hear you. You can’t do much about the curveballs your kids throw at you, especially during breakfast time. In a picture-perfect world, we’d open the freezer on a busy weeknight or a rushed morning to find a neatly stacked pile of homemade meals.  All prepped, packed, labeled, and ready to heat and eat. Reality is a LOT different!


Mothers all over are always looking for easier and more convenient ways to offer nutritious breakfast to their children.  While this may be true, finding the time and energy to create healthy meals for your family (let alone yourself) can be a job all on its own.


That is why we are happy to announce that Blue band has launched an instant porridge fortified with 10 vitamins and 5 minerals, that you can get ready in less than 2 minutes. Yes,  you heard right!  Porridge to be precise is considered the go-to dish for weaning children across all African countries and in Kenya it’s very popular in households. For parents who are introducing new flavours to make nutritious meals for their little ones, the numerous essential nutrients in Blue band porridge make a great start.  Wherever you are, all you need is hot water, your pack of Blue Band instant porridge, and your porridge will be ready in less than 2 minutes.


With everything that has happened this past year, you should not compromise on nutrition as healthy meals help build immunity to keep off infections. A tablespoonful of Blue Band instant porridge mix will give you a single 300ml cup of ready-to-drink porridge. That’s why we call it a Super Mum’s Breakfast…


You can get your pack of Blue Band instant porridge at any major leading outlets in Nairobi.

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