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8 Spa and Beauty services for Mum​ in Nairobi​

There’s nothing like having a little bit of ‘me time’ and unwind after a long day’s work. A spa treatment could just do the trick to beat the mummy blues and a perfect opportunity to relax and pamper yourself.

We have provided a short list of places in Nairobi that offer Spa and Beauty Services just for you:

  1. Emm Spa-on-the-go

Emme spa on the go

We all know if you have a choice to beat the Nairobi Traffic you would do it in a heartbeat. Emme Spa offer a wide range of Spa treatment service in the comfort of your home or even your hotel. They offer Facials, Massages, therapy, Manicure, Pedicure, Foot massage, Body Scrub, Body Wrap and Waxing.

2.  Joyce Muombe- Beautician

Looking for a pocket friendly beautician to make you look fabulous before an event? Joyce is a brilliant hair stylist and a professional beautician who even does house calls for the convenience of the clients she deals with. Among her great qualities she also does manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, makeup and waxing.

3. Praisegate Beauty Centre

Beauty parlour located in Reinsurance Plaza at Aga Khan Walk. They specialise in hair care and beauty services for women.

4. Spa Dreaming

They offer Mum-to-be and ladies  spa treatment packages in luxury Nairobi Hotels and Out of town experiences. (Visit their website for more information)

5. Kaya Spa Tribe Hotel

They offer indulgent treatments that range from body bootcamp treatments and traditional Thai massages to ancient healing therapies. Also, Kaya offers a range of pregnancy safe products effective in giving the expectant mother strong, elastic, healthy and well-toned skin.

6. Skin by Alison Caroline

SKIN by Alison Caroline is a spa and beauty studio concept. They specialize in skincare, body therapies including a variety of massage treatments  and spa therapies, spa manicures and pedicures, including nail technology and professional makeup

7. Celeste Homecare Beauty Services

They provide services at the comfort of your home. These services include a foot rub, a scalp massage, a body massage and hair care in Nairobi. For the pregnant, working and stay at home mum this option would work well as they come to wherever you are.

8. Ayush Holistic Center

Looking for something different? They specialize in Ayurvedic treatments, Spa therapies, Yoga and reflexology.

9. Amadiva Beauty Salon

Looking to freshen up your look? Are you rocking natural hair?This is the place to visit. Located on Riverside Drive they’ve got you covered from head to toe.