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8 Women Fitness Blogs / Vlogs to Follow this Year

It’s the second month of the year- and most of us are probably already killing it with our fitness goals and journeys (I know I am).  If you are looking to follow some amazing and fun women for constant fitness inspiration, the following Women Fitness blogs & vlogs are great places to start!


1. Jane Mukami – FitKenyanGirl

Jane Mukami is a Kenyan Entrepreneur and Certified Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Expert. She is an inspiration to many through her books and inspirational talks on Health and Wellness.  If you don’t find her working out you are bound to watch her doing interviews on air or on the cover of Magazines looking stunning as ever.


” Over the last 5 years, I’ve learned that having the right information and mental attitude are extremely important in order to to be successful. I am sharing knowledge on my site that can help you realize your fitness potential by taking what I’ve learned and sharing it in a comprehensive manner that includes educating you in both nutrition and physical activity”

Instagram: @JaneMukami

Blog: http://janemukami.com



2. Katrina Hodgson, Karena Dawn– ToneItUp


This was the first fitness blog / community I ever joined. ToneItUp is a fitness blog and community that provides daily workouts, fitness plans, weekly schedules, nutrition plans, and even fun, motivating quotes. What I love about it is the different themes that it goes by, some of them: Love your body series, Bikini series, and Lifestyle Tips! They also have a mobile app called the TIU Studio app- I have used it, and highly recommend it.





3. Cassey Ho – Blogilates


This was the second fitness blog I got into- Cassey Ho’s blog, Blogilates. Cassey Ho is the inventor of POP Pilates, and she is constantly dishing out great fitness ideas and workouts! My favorite thing about her blog are her cute monthly workout calendars and planners (these can also be printed!) – I aspire to complete them one day! The calendars are easy to use, and they are a great asset to any health guru!




4. Kola Olaosebikan – Koboko Fitness


Koboko Fitness is the third fitness blog / vlog that I follow. She is your reliable source of quick and effective workouts – free on youtube. You can make her your best buddy on your journey to living your best life. Her workouts vary from pregnancy work outs, to weekly work outs, and even afro-beat work outs! She is awesome!




5. Popsugar Fitness



POPSUGAR Fitness inspires readers to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with news and tips on exercise, eating, gear, and more! They provide workout videos, inspiration, healthy living advice, meal plans and more! Their YouTube channel is one of my favourites- with workouts of all kinds from workouts for beginners to no-equipment workouts and ultimate HIIT bodyweight workouts!




6. Kayla Itsines- Sweat with Kayla



Through her Bikini Body Guides, Kayla has helped transform the bodies of women around the world. On her blog, you will find useful and realistic food and fitness advice as well as handy tips such as how to stay healthy through the holidays. She has been a personal trainer since 2008! Her 28-minute BBG workouts can help you to increase your fitness and strength to become more confident. She also has a mobile app called Sweat with Kayla (I intend to try it out soon).




7. Joanna Soh- Joanna Soh Official


Joanna is the number 1 Wellness & Fitness YouTube personality based in Asia. She was recently awarded the top “Health & Fitness” influencer in Malaysia at the Influence Asia Awards 2017. Her YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers, with 100 million views. In the space of 4 years. She is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Nutrition Coach(VN), Women’s Fitness Specialist(NASM). Her YouTube videos are also very diverse and fun!

Instagram: @joannasohofficial



8. Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour – Fit Bottomed Girls


Jennipher and Kristen began Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008 as friends looking for a fun, fresh and no-diet approach to being healthy. Now, the Fit Bottomed World, is an online phenomenon reaching millions of women (and men!) each month. And, the focus is always on the idea that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes — and that you’re more than the number on the scale.



Here’s to a fitter and healthier 2018!

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  1. Dannie H. says:

    Hey, I love this article, thanks.
    I’m trying to lose weight – by myself – without a personal trainer or whatsoever. Hence I’ve found your article to be useful as I can mimic their workouts. What do you think about this? I’ve been reading reviews about it but can’t make up my mind because I’m not sure if it really will work. I understand it has a lot of benefits mentioned inside that’s mentioned here in http://lean-new.me/27poundsecrets. There’s couple of people talking about it but I’m still doubtful. If you have the time to take a look, that’d be great! I’d love to hear your opinion as you’re the expert.

  2. mumsv says:

    You can. Have an exercise routine or pick one from these blogs/vlogs/YouTube Videos and stick to it.

  3. Dannie H. says:

    Thanks !

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