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Primary Schools in Lavington/Kilimani

Whether you’re new to your neighborhood or seeking to change schools, it can be difficult to find a school for your child. In efforts to make this decision easier, here you will find a list of various schools and what they have to offer.

1. Light Academy

Light Academy offers multiple schools including international and secondary. In Lavington, the Academy offers a primary school with key stages 2 and 3. Light Academy aims to set a balance between moral societal values and religious values to awaken self conscience in every student. Light Academy encourages positive behavior, appreciation of cultural differences and environmental consciousness fortified by technology.

Tel: +254 (0) 729 905 431

2. Loreto Convent Msongari School

Loreto Convent is a girls’ school located in a serene environment of Lavington. Policies for the school are guided on Catholic traditions and the ethos of the Loreto sisters, founders of Loreto Convent. Loreto Convent aims to mold a well rounded individual through the integration of physical, spiritual and academic aspects of the individual while also cultivating an appreciation for the arts.

Loreto offers primary education starting from class 1 at the age of 6-7 years through to class 8. The school has three sections – Lower Primary (class 1-3), Mid Upper (class 4-5), and Upper Primary (class 6-8).

Tel: 0727 476064

3. Nairobi Home School & Tuition Limited -Cambridge Primary

Cambridge Primary provides a curriculum framework for each subject – English, English as a second language, mathematics and science. Many schools use the integrated assessments to monitor learners’ progress.

Cambridge offers quality tuition, local establishments to meet face-to-face, personal tutors, exam preparation as well as home education.

Tel: 0722 866 977

4. Kilimani Primary School

Kilimani Primary is a public mixed day school.

Tel: +254 203865101

5. Logos Christian School

Logos Christian School finds that it is critical to re-work the curriculum onto a biblical foundation, finding a balance in teaching the 8-4-4 curriculum creatively and Christianly. Logos allows children to develop holistically, emphasizing character and the development of other skills and gifts.

Logos focuses on the good of the child, but also the long term and bigger view of the nations, taking into consideration the impact a Godly generation of youth can and should have on their communities.

Primary school begins classes daily at 8am, ending at 3:30 all days except Friday when school ends at 3pm.

6. St. Austin’s Academy

Founded by the first African Director of Education following independence, St. Austin’s Academy was a deliberate attempt to break the segregated educational systems of the day and to offer a truly integrated program.

St. Austin’s Academy consists of Pre-Primary level education (Nursery and Kindergarten), Primary (years 1-6), Lower Secondary (years 7-9) and Upper Secondary (years 10-13). All schools share the same Lavington compound, one of Nairobi’s most exclusive residential areas.

Austin’s caters for children from 2 years of age onward. The Academy has its own play area, specialist teachers and teaching assistant assigned to each Pre-Primary class. Austin’s purpose-built nursery opened in September of 2000 and was especially designed to cater to the needs of their youngest students.

Tel: 020 2165653

7. Cavina School

The Cavina School is a British Preparatory School for children aged three to thirteen years. The school is divided into four sections: Pre-Prep Unit, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. The Common entrance requires students to sit eight major subjects in the final exams (math, English, French, science, British history, geography, scripture and Latin). Cavina also provides comprehensive instruction in computer studies, art, music, physical education and the performing arts.

Cavina has a biblical foundation, with belief that character is strengthened through discipline rather than reason. Students at Cavina are taught in an ordered, disciplined and loving environment.

Tel: 2573630 , Admissions: 0708387746

8. Amicus School

Amicus kindergarten develops well rounded children. The school places great emphasis on building a child’s self esteem  in their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, linguistic and spiritual development.

Amicus kindergarten caters to children 1 1/2 years to 7 years of age including a day care, nursery, reception and classes years 1-3. On weekends Amicus offers fun days including arts and crafts (pottery, fabric design, origami and drawing) and French classes.

Tel: 0722 702223

9. Bellevue School

In Bellevue, the primary section is divided into two sections, Lower Primary and Upper Primary.

The Lower Primary is inclusive of grades 1 to 3. For a child to take part in this section they must be the required age of 5 years and above, have successfully completed the pre-school education, be able to read, write and do basic mathematics, and be able to converse in English or Kiswahili. The school conducts a rigorous interview assessment.

The Upper Primary begins from standard 4 to standard 8. In Standard 8, the student sits for a national examination, where if successful, the child receives the Kenya Certificate of primary education securing a chance in a government sponsored secondary education for an additional 4 years.

Tel: (+254) 020 21 6 62

10. Nairobi International School

Nairobi International School (NIS) provides quality preparatory education with an aim to provide technology based education to students of all backgrounds. With a variety of teaching styles paired with the latest ICT technology, goals are made reality.

Subjects offered include English, Kiswahili, Music, Art & Design, Swimming and Geography. Facilities offer a music studio, computer lab, spacious classrooms and library. In addition, extended learning offers an English as Second Language program, Learning Support Program and school trips for those participating in clubs like Karate & Taekwondo, Cookery and Guides & Scouts.

Admission fees are approximately 25,000 ksh.

Tel: 0729 812241

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