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Primary Schools in Karen/Ngong

Whether you’re new to your neighborhood or seeking to change schools, it can be difficult to find a school for your child. In efforts to make this decision easier, here you will find a list of various schools and what they have to offer.

1.  Serare School

Serare School is a privately owned co-educational day and boarding school, following the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education, offered to students from Kindergarten to High School level. Apart from following the 8-4-4 syllabus, pupils have extra-curricular activities including art, sports and music.

The maximum number of students per class is limited to 30. Kindergarten classes are even smaller with an average of 20 children per class.

Students have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills for games like basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball and swimming.

Tel: +254 733 900477

2. St Hanna’s School 

St Hannah’s caters for children aged 18 months to 18 years with strong school ethos including teamwork, cultural diversity and Christian values. St Hannah’s contains an Early Learning Centre, a mixed primary school, and a separate boys and girls high school respectively. Optional boarding facilities are offered from class 4 and mandatory for both high schools.

For Primary School, parents have an option of either Karen campus or Ngong road campus. The Ngong campus is a day school, while the Karen campus offers both boarding and day facilities.

Tel: 020 2112657


Tel: 020 2112655

3. Le Pic School

Le Pic takes pride in its academics while putting God first in all endeavors, embracing moral values of humility, peace, hard work and love. Aside from academics, Le Pic offers extracurriculars like ball games, swimming and athletics. Pupils of Le Pic participate in Kenya Music Festivals. In 2016 pupils reached national level at kasarani stadium.

Pic also offers clubs like wildlife, homescience, art, Bible club, scouts, science, and computers to name a few. Le Pic offers french and computer lessons to all students. Pic prides itself in good facilities in addition to dedicated staff.

Tel: +254 722 203 880

4. Makini Schools

Makini has consistently been rated among the top curricular schools in Kenya, taking first place many times nationally in the KCPE examinations. Teachers of Makini are selected on basis of high professional achievements, enthusiasm, and concerns that the need of each individual child be met.

The Junior School section comprises class 1 and 2 with students between ages 6 and 8. Extracurricular activities include golf, horse riding, skating and karate. Makini offers clubs including scouts, drama and music, dance and handwriting.

Tel: +254 20 3874950

5. Ack Good Samaritan School

Ack Good Samaritan opened in 2000 at Karen Shopping Center along Ngong road. This institution has a pre-primary and primary school averaging 15 students per class in pre-primary and 18 students per class in upper primary.

Tel: 0729242478

6. CITAM Schools Woodley

CITAM is a co-educational day school providing quality education to boys and girls based on sound Christian principles. CITAM offers facilities including school buses, an olympic standard swimming pool, a 40 person computer lab, a spacious play section and a large hall for recreation.

Tel: 0709861210

7. The Riara Group of Schools

The Riara Road Primary School (of the Riara Group) took form in 1974. The kindergarten was originally a preserve for expatriate children of European, Israeli and Japanese origin. Main School (main administrative offices and standard 4 to 8), Annex 1 (standard one) and Annex 3 (kindergarten, standard 2 and 3 and Riara International School) comprise Riara Road’s 3 main sections.

Riara offers extracurriculars such as sports days and annual concerts.

Tel: +254 703 038 118/119

8. Rose of Sharon Academy

Rose of Sharon began as a dream in the heart of a visionary who saw a different African future shaped by principled, bold and innovative citizens. This visionary understood the critical role that must be played to guide children of the continent and prepare them to play their role in the actualization of this future.

Rose of Sharon is a Kenyan curriculum kindergarten and primary school. RSA uses blended learning; a combination of technology, books and face to face learning. With introduction to digital learning, teaching and learning experiences have become more learner centric with emphasis on research and innovation.

Tel: +254 721 370 393

9. ACK Emmanuel Education Centre

Emmanuel Primary is a private education centre, located in Ngong Constituency, Kajiado North Location, Ngong Division. Emmanuel is a day school open to boys and girls that uses the Kenyan curriculum.

Tel: 0722 221751

10. AIC Ngong Hills Primary

AIC Ngong Hills is a private-owned mixed primary school offering an 8-4-4 education system. AIC is located at Kajiado North in Kajiado County. This is a day only school, owned by a religious organization.

Tel: 0722 673000

11. Calvary Baptist Academy

This academy is a private school, located in Oloolua Constituency, Kajiado North Location, Ngong Division. Calvary is a day only school for both boys and girls.

Tel: 0722 531604

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