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7 Easy Ways Mums Take Care Of Their Skin

If you asked most of us to use one word that describes how we’d like our skin to look, we are almost sure that “soft” would top the list coupled with healthy and clear. However, not many people can attest to this God-given gift. The rest of us need to invest in a bit of practice, patience and good product to give our skin that caring touch. If glowing skin is on your list of wants for 2020 sit back and read on.


How do you give your skin the caring touch it needs?

1. Up your Vitamin-E intake

Vitamin E has many skin healing properties and protects the skin from psoriasis, dry or flaky skin, itchy skin, eczema among other ailments. While you are reaping the skin healing and protection benefits of Vitamin E, try smoothing some on your skin as well. One of such oils is the Nivea Petroleum Jelly Essence Vitamin E – enriched with glycerine. It’s easy to spread, enhances your natural glow and locks in moisture for 48 hours. 


2. Check Ingredients of Skincare products

It is very important to understand the benefits of skincare product ingredients to your skin because it differs from person to person. For instance, facial products that are aqua-based or serums should go first before applying a moisturiser that works like a charm such as Nivea Petroleum Jelly Essence Cocoa Butter. Establishing the concentration of the ingredients helps you know the sequence in which you apply products to your skin. 


3. Be patient with your products

It’s very easy to expect instant results when it comes to seeing the effects of a product. When starting a new product, use it every other day and never mix with other new products at once. If you find your skin breaking, try switching to more natural products to balance the Ph level of your skin. The New generation NIVEA Petroleum Jelly Essence is a game changer! It provides moisture and protection no matter your skin type. It contains Glycerine which helps keep your skin moisturized, the product is non-greasy and does not leave a layer on your skin that can attract dust or clog your pores and it leaves your skin looking and feeling quite supple and well cared for. Perfect for daily use and whenever your skin needs that extra TLC.


4. Increase on your veggies

The healthier foods that you eat, the better your skin will look. In addition to this, increase your water and vegetable intake. Water helps to keep your skin supple, moisturised and hydrated. For people with dry skin, dehydration is a major contributing factor so it’s advisable to add green leafy vegetables to supplement water, Vitamins A and E. 


5. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily

They say 90% of wrinkles come from sun exposure. The best way to prolong your healthy skin is to apply sunscreen daily. Prevention is always better than cure. 


6. Detox and Exercise

Detoxification is cleansing your body inside out, giving it rest and nourishment. There are several different ways of detoxifying your body. Drink plenty of water which helps to keep you hydrated, reduce your sugar intake and eat a balanced diet. 

Exercising is another way to take care of your body. Once you exercise, you excrete sweat which means that your skin eliminates some toxins and pollutants such as lead and dirt embedded in the skin. Remember to hydrate to replenish the lost fluids. 


7. Beauty Sleep

They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for no reason. Sleep deprivation reduces circulation that is why most people may look pale and tired. If you have been questioning how to give your skin that caring touch, 7 hours of sleep daily will help renew your skin. 


Let us know what ways you are taking care of your skin.

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