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6 Best Swimming Pool Locations For Your Toddler in Nanyuki

A hot afternoon deserves a good swim to relax, unwind and cool off. Your little ones can also join you for swimming in the kid’s swimming pools and you do not have to worry about the little one in diapers since there are swimming diapers available in the shops. If you are in Nanyuki and are looking for a swimming location that is kid-friendly, here are the six locations to choose from:

Falcon Heights.

Location: Thingithu Phase 3, Nanyuki.

What’s Offered: Falcon heights is a luxurious hotel that features a heated main pool and baby pool. The hotel has a safe and friendly kid’s corner where your kids can play as you relax.

Charges: 300sh per kid.

Kongoni Camp.

Location: Nanyuki-Meru Road, 2km away from Nanyuki.

What’s Offered: Kongoni camp is a kid-friendly destination that features a heated main pool and a baby pool. The baby pool includes swimming pool toys for kids to enjoy during the swim. The camp serves kiddie meals and also offers a children’s play area.

Charges: 300sh for kids and 500sh for adults.

Nanyuki Sports Club.

Location: Nanyuki

What’s Offered: Nanyuki Sports Club features a large spacious heated main pool and baby pool where you can chill and unwind. The club has a children;s playground for them to run around.

The swimming pool has a swimming instructor and a stand by lifesaver.

Sportsman Arms Hotel.

Location: Lenana Road, Nanyuki.

What’s Offered: Sportsman Arms hotel features a large outdoor swimming pool for both adults and kids. The hotel offers swimming lessons from well-experienced swimming instructors.

Charges: 200sh for below 10 years, 300sh for 11-17 years and 500sh for adults.

Jaqanaz Resort.

Location: Narumoru.

What’s Offered: The Jaqanaz resort offers an outdoor main pool and a baby pool.

Charges: 200sh for kids and 300sh for adults.

Maiyan Hotel.

Location: Nanyuki- Dol-dol Road.

What’s Offered: Maiyan Hotel features an outdoor large heated swimming pool and a rooftop plunge heated main pool, a baby pool, and a jacuzzi. The hotel has a spacious kid’s play area where your kids can run around.

Charges: 1000sh  for adults.

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